Student Athletes Gather at Bilkent for Angora Cup

23 April 2019 Comments Off on Student Athletes Gather at Bilkent for Angora Cup

The 16th Angora Cup Interuniversity Sports Festival, organized by the Physical Education and Sports Center, took place last weekend, April 19–21. Approximately 450 students from a number of universities in Ankara (Atılım, Başkent, Bilkent, Çankaya, Hacettepe, Middle East Technical, TED, TOBB Economy and Technology, and Yüksek İhtisas) participated in this special event, competing to win the Angora Cup in football, table tennis, tennis, swimming and volleyball.

Bilkent athletes did quite well in the tournament, winning four events and taking second or third place in others. The teams/individuals who ended up at the top of the standings in each sport:

Badminton (Women and Men)

1. Bilkent 2. Atılım

Football (Women)

1. METU 2. Bilkent

Table Tennis (Men)

1. Bilkent A 2. Hacettepe 3. Bilkent B 4. Başkent


Women 1. Bilkent 2. Hacettepe 3. Atılım

Men 1. Bilkent 2. METU 3. Hacettepe


Women 1. Atılım 2. Hacettepe 3. TED 4. Bilkent

Men 1. TED 2. Bilkent 3. TOBB ETÜ 4. Atılım


Women 1. METU 2. Hacettepe 3. Atılım 4. Bilkent

Men 1. METU 2. Bilkent 3. Hacettepe 4. Bilkent