Students Awarded for Best Projects and Posters in Physics Courses

26 January 2016 Comments Off on Students Awarded for Best Projects and Posters in Physics Courses

The Department of Physics has presented end-of-semester awards to undergraduate students in four physics courses for their projects and posters.

Best project awards in the PHYS211-Waves, Optics and Thermodynamics course were given to Taylan Kargın (EE) for his project “Laser Interferometer”; Doruk Efe Gökmen (PHYS) for “Demonstration of Location Using an Ultrasonic Sensor-Based SONAR”; and Makbule Kübra Korkmaz (EE) for “Ultrasonic Piano.” The awardees received their certificates at a small ceremony in the Physics Department on January 7.

Best poster awards for the PHYS491-Senior Project course were awarded upon selection by a jury following a poster presentation session. Awards went to Koray Yavuz for his poster “Dynamic Self-Assembly”; Ekrem Taha Güldeste for “Nuclear Modeling of Spin Bath Decoherence”; Enes Aybar for  “Floquet Hamiltonian for N Bosons in a Double Well”; and Falko Schmidt for “Brownian Motion of Beads in a Critical Binary Liquid.” The four senior physics students received their award certificates at the close of the session.

In the PHYS101-General Physics I and PHYS102-General Physics II courses, students received best project awards for their laboratory work. The jury selected EE student Taylan Kargın’s project “Damped Harmonic Oscillation”; CS student Ömer Ekmekçioğlu’s project “Investigation of Fluid Resistances”; CS student Gökcan Değirmenci’s project “Shot the Monkey”; and ME student Ali Kemal Giregiz’s project “DC Motor Experiment” as the award winners. The students received their certificates at the close of the presentation session.