Students, Employers Meet at 2017 Career Fair

21 March 2017 Comments Off on Students, Employers Meet at 2017 Career Fair


On Thursday, March 16, the 19th annual Bilkent University Career Fair, hosted by the Bilkent Career Center, was held in the Main Campus Sports Hall. The many companies represented at the event included some big names in their respective sectors, such as Deloitte, PwC and Aselsan.

A large number of students were in attendance, looking for potential jobs and internships. Many of them could be seen thoroughly engrossed in discussions with company representatives, and many resumes were handed in by hopeful students looking to gain future employment opportunities.

Bilkent News interviewed some of the students in attendance to obtain their perspectives on the fair, to learn what they liked about it and what they thought could be improved.

Rameez Hashmi (ME): I believe that the opportunities are increasing with each passing stand, and that it’s a great opportunity to gain some insight into the workings and requirements of professional life, which will help everyone upon their graduation.

Ercan Emre Çelik (IR): I think the fair is well organized, but at times it feels like events such as these leave the FEASS faculty behind. There should be more opportunities for the students of this faculty, especially considering the number of students enrolled in it.

Sabuhi Osmanov (ECON): Speaking as an international student, I would say that there aren’t enough opportunities for international students due to Turkish citizenship and language requirements. I am hoping for more opportunities at next year’s festival for both Turkish-speaking and non-Turkish-speaking international students.

Elena Çina (CS): The Career Fair was really nice and a lot of big companies were in attendance. There was a lack of opportunities for international students, but I would still consider the experience of talking to and learning from these companies and professionals to be valuable.

Ahmet Demirkaya (EE): I feel that it was a great experience; it helped me find internship opportunities in Turkey and also gave me a chance to interact with some major potential employers.