TBD-TÜBİSAD Award Honors Mustafa Akgül

02 December 2013 Comments Off on TBD-TÜBİSAD Award Honors Mustafa Akgül

Assoc. Prof. Mustafa Akgül of the Department of Computer Technology and Information Systems has recently been honored with a Lifelong Service Award by TBD (the Informatics Association of Turkey) and TÜBİSAD (the Informatics Industry Association).

TBD was established by a group of informatics professionals as a pioneering organization in this field. Its missions include popularizing the informatics culture and establishing awareness of informatics within the broader community. Among its activities, TBD holds various informatics-related competitions and also gives out a number of awards.

The primary mission of TUBİSAD is to foster information and communication technology in becoming a fundamental sector contributing to Turkey’s economic growth and to promote the collective interests of member companies while abiding by universal values and maintaining its independence.

The TBD-TÜBİSAD Lifelong Service Award has been given since 1996 to individuals who have contributed to the Turkish informatics sector over many years.

Prof. Akgül has been instrumental in initiating and organizing a number of  annual informatics and information technology conferences in Turkey, including the Internet Conference, the Academic Informatics Conference, the Internet Fiesta, the Linux and Free Software Fiesta, Linux Camp and the Public Network Conference. He has been a board member of TBD, the Linux Users Association and the Internet Technologies Association. Prof. Akgül received his award at the 30th annual TBD congress.