TDP Volunteers Establish 30th Library

07 November 2022 Comments Off on TDP Volunteers Establish 30th Library

Volunteers from Günköy (The Sun Rises from the Village), a project of the student volunteer organization TDP, recently spent a weekend working at Sinandı Gökkaya Primary and Secondary School in the village of Gökkaya, Aksaray. Günköy has been active since 2010 in helping villages where school facilities are inadequate, visiting at least four schools in different villages every year.

One team of volunteers spent the whole weekend remodeling a space in the school to serve as a library, which they stocked with 3,000 donated books. While they worked on the library, other volunteers spent quality time with the schoolchildren organizing fun activities like theater, music, experiments and competitions.

The volunteers hope that through work and example they will help expand the village children’s horizons and inspire them to dream.