TDP’s New Imagination Bridge Project

15 February 2016 Comments Off on TDP’s New Imagination Bridge Project

The TDP (Social Awareness Projects) student volunteer organization has started a new pilot project. In the Imagination Bridge Project (Hayal Köprüsü Projesi), volunteers visit children who live in prison with their mothers.

The aim of the project is to support the physical and intellectual development of these girls and boys. Children of imprisoned women encounter many problems throughout their lives: first, they are frightened of electronic devices, vehicles and other noisy objects they are not accustomed to; second, they have difficulty in adapting to different environments and therefore to school; and worst, they feel like they belong in prison and unfortunately sometimes try to return to prison by committing an offense.

If you would like to help prevent these children’s lives from being ruined, you are welcome to join the Imagination Bridge Project. For more information: