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24 September 2018 Comments Off on The International Chronicles


Name: Mahammad Mehtiyev

Department: Economics/IV

Country of Origin: Azerbaijan

What do you like best about Turkey?

People are warm and welcoming; also I like the food 🙂

Are there any similarities between Turkey and your home country?

Actually, as we are also Turks, the culture and traditions are similar. It is really heartwarming to see that there isn’t that much of a difference, so it feels like home.

What will you miss most about Bilkent/Turkey?

I guess I’ll miss the time that I spent here, walking, observing; and I’ll especially miss the friends who made the years at Bilkent pass really quickly.

What’s your favorite place on campus, and why?

My favorite place at Bilkent is Bilkent Lake, because I like silence, and the lake gives me that silence while I’m walking around it.

What’s your favorite Turkish food and/or favorite part of Turkish culture?

Mmm, food is one of my favorite topics. My favorite food is balık ekmek: fish on bread. You can find it everywhere, especially near the seaside or lakes.

Where do you expect to see yourself 10 years from now?

As my wish is to be a pilot, I think I see myself in America working in aviation and having the time of my life.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I can code 😀

What’s an interesting question or comment you hear frequently about Bilkent/Turkey?

The best comments are about Azerbaijani students. The best one is, “You know the Russian language; you’re so lucky. We’re eager to learn Russian, but it’s hard.”

Describe yourself in three words.

Gamer, energetic, helpful.

If you could master any skill, which one would you choose, and why?

That would be the skill to play all musical instruments. I like the classics, and would love to perform them myself.