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01 February 2022 Comments Off on The International Chronicles


Name: Leyla Khasiyeva

Department: Management

Country of Origin: Azerbaijan

What do you like best about Turkey?

I love how approachable and friendly people are, especially when they hear where I’m from.

Are there any similarities between Turkey and your home country?

I think I’m entitled to skip this question. 🙂

What will you miss most about Bilkent/Turkey?

I really love the lifestyle and connections I have here. It’s the people I’m going to miss the most.

What’s your favorite place on campus, and why?

The rooftop of Lojman 79. It’s a cute place to spend time with special people.

What’s your favorite Turkish food and/or favorite part of Turkish culture?

I really love sarma and beyti kebap. But I don’t usually say that I like Turkish sarma more than the Azerbaijani ones when I’m around Azerbaijanis.

Where do you expect to see yourself 10 years from now?

Hopefully somewhere where I can romanticize my life easily.

What’s the hardest challenge you’ve handled in Turkey?

Getting sick every two weeks and trying to deal with it while hiding it from my overprotective and dramatic family.

What places have you visited in Turkey, and which one is your favorite?

I’ve seen İstanbul, Fethiye, Antalya and other smaller cities. İstanbul will always be my favorite.

What’s an interesting question or comment you hear frequently at Bilkent/in Turkey?

I get so much judgment when I say I’m studying management at Bilkent.

Describe yourself in three words.

Unstable, loud, ambitious.