The International Chronicles

14 October 2014 Comments Off on The International Chronicles


 Name: Libby Ann Hassan

Department: (BIM/II)

Home Country: England

Why did you choose Turkey?

Because it’s a perfect combination of Western and Eastern culture.

What will you miss most about Turkey?

The food! I love İskender and künefe. In England we have places that are Indian, Chinese, etc., but we’re missing out on Turkish food.

Favorite place on campus?

The hill in front of Dorm 76. My friends and I call it “Teletubby hill.” It’s the best place to hang out with your friends, and the city looks beautiful from there.

Hardest challenge you’ve overcome in Turkey?

In all the other places in Europe I’ve traveled to, people usually know a little bit of English, but in Turkey, that isn’t always the case. So in a way it’s been a challenge, but in another way it’s been a positive thing, because it’s forced me to use the Turkish I do know to communicate.

Question you are asked most frequently?

Even though I’m British, I have Irish and Caribbean roots, so it’s very hard for people to pinpoint where I’m from. I’ve been asked if I’m from Saudi, Italy, Bulgaria, etc.—basically everywhere, apart from England. It’s not until they hear my accent that people figure it out.