The Sporting Life

23 March 2021 Comments Off on The Sporting Life

Name: Selin Öztürk

Department: IAED

How often do you exercise?

I try to exercise twice a week.

How has regular exercise affected your life? 

I think regular exercise has brought discipline to my life and helped me focus on my work better. During exercise I’m not thinking about anything, and that helps me clear my mind for the rest of the day.

What are the first three things that come to mind when you hear the word “sports”?

Dynamism, health, summer.

What do you suggest to those who are just taking up a sport or starting to exercise?

Consistency is really important in sports, and beginners shouldn’t give up after the first day. Also, they shouldn’t start with really difficult exercises. They’re not more effective than easier ones and might make people dislike sports and exercise. We should focus on what our body is telling us it wants to do.

Which Bilkent sports facilities do you use, and what activities have you participated in?

I use the sports halls; before COVID I also attended Zumba classes and workout sessions. Last year I participated in the Zumba festival as well.