The Sporting Life

16 April 2018 Comments Off on The Sporting Life

Name: Ecrin Yağız

Department: EE

How often do you exercise?

I try to come to the gym three times a week.

How has regular exercise affected your life?

It actually makes me feel relaxed, and as I get used to a certain tempo, I feel more energetic.

What do you suggest to those who are just taking up a sport or starting to exercise?

They should definitely start doing something; they can learn to play a specific sport, or at least improve their physical endurance.

What are the first three things that come to mind when you hear the word “sports”?

Health, “sports as a way of life,” balance in my life.

Have you ever used the Bilkent sports facilities? Which courses did you take/activities did you participate in?

I’m a senior, and in these four years at Bilkent I’ve used the pool, taken dance classes, tried archery and learned a little bit of squash – plus, I exercise regularly.