The Sporting Life

19 February 2018 Comments Off on The Sporting Life

Name: Niha Zahrah Ladiwala

Department: Architecture

How often do you exercise?

Four to five times a week at the beginning of the semester, but that number keeps decreasing as the semester progresses.

How has regular exercise affected your life?

It has increased my stamina and helps me pull all-nighters to complete my course projects. I also feel more positive during the day, especially if I exercise in the morning.

If you could be a famous athlete, who would that be?

I don’t play tennis, but I really like Nadal’s game. I’d like my game to be like his if I ever decide to learn to play.

What do you suggest to those who are just taking up a sport or starting to exercise?

The hardest part is to make the first step a real start. After that, it almost becomes addictive. Also, don’t compete with other people’s stamina when you’re working out.

What are the first three things that come to mind when you hear the word “sports”?

Running, squash, swimming – basically my favorite sports.