Third Language Translation for Bilkent Author

03 October 2022 Comments Off on Third Language Translation for Bilkent Author


Assoc. Prof. Julian Bennett, Department of Archaeology, recently published an Italian translation of his biography of Roman emperor Trajan, “Trajan, Optimus Princeps” (Routledge/Indiana University Press). The biography was originally published in 1997, and the same publishers released a revised edition in 2007. It is still the only English-language work to focus on the emperor and is frequently cited in academic literature on the Roman Empire. Due to its popularity as a source for the emperor’s reign, it has been translated into Romanian (“Traian İmpăraţi Romani,” Editura Bic All, 2008), Polish (“Trajan Optimus Princeps: życie i czas,” Napoleon V, 2015) and now Italian.