This Week at Bilkent Cinematics: Rosemary’s Baby

20 November 2017 Comments Off on This Week at Bilkent Cinematics: Rosemary’s Baby

Woman Polanski’s horror classic “Rosemary’s Baby” will be Bilkent Cinematics’ next exciting offering, on Wednesday of this week.

Made in 1968, the film follows the terrifying journey of young, newly pregnant Rosemary, who begins to suspect that her kindly neighbors Roman and Minnie (played by the great Ruth Gordon, who won an Oscar for her performance) are in fact evil-minded witches. And Rosemary’s actor husband may also be in league with them! Or is Rosemary just frightened of being pregnant and becoming increasingly delusional?

Come out and see for yourself, and enjoy one of cinema’s most disturbing movies from one of its most disturbing directors. Critic Roger Ebert calls it “a creepy film and a crawly film…it is very good.”

Bilkent Cinematics aims to bring film lovers together and create a community through its screenings and entertaining, informative post-screening discussions. Each semester the group screens several films, all by great directors, with the intent of providing more insight into the themes and nuances of these influential works.

“Rosemary’s Baby”screens on Wednesday, November 22 at 6 p.m. in FF-B05. Everyone is welcome. All Cinematics movies are shown with English subtitles. For further details, contact Hossein Dabir at