This Week’s Film at Bilkent Cinematics: Sunset Boulevard

07 March 2017 Comments Off on This Week’s Film at Bilkent Cinematics: Sunset Boulevard

Billy Wilder’s 1950 classic “Sunset Boulevard” will be Bilkent Cinematics’ next screening on Wednesday, March 8. The story of aging silent film star Norma Desmond (Gloria Swanson) and her relationship with struggling screenwriter Joe Gillis (William Holden), it is a timeless Hollywood tale of ambition, greed and desire. Its influence is so lasting that it has been remade numerous times throughout the years, on stage and recently as a musical. The films that have subsequently referenced Sunset Boulevard or been clearly influenced by it are legion. Its impact has never really diminished.

Critic Roger Ebert said the film “remains the best drama ever made about movies because it sees through the illusions.”

“Sunset Boulevard” screens on Wednesday, March 8 at 6 p.m., in FFB6. Everyone is welcome. All movies are screened with English subtitles, and food and beverages will be served. For further information, please contact Hossein Dabir at