THM Welcomes TED Ankara College Students

26 April 2022 Comments Off on THM Welcomes TED Ankara College Students

On April 8, the Department of Tourism and Hotel Management hosted 11th-year high school students from TED Ankara College, as part of the department’s promotional activities. The event took place in the THM practice restaurant.

Chef Instructor Elif Denizci and Service Instructor Ali Ünal welcomed the group in the morning and gave a brief tour of the facilities. The main activity of the event was to involve the visiting students in a real-time culinary class, so they were first given basic instructions on kitchen safety and procedures. Following this, they were grouped to perform different tasks in preparing the menu of the day: a main dish of penne in a cream and mushroom sauce and a dessert of chocolate waffles.

While the TED students enjoyed the dishes they had prepared, the department chair, Asst. Prof. Eda Gürel, gave a presentation on the THM curriculum, also highlighting graduates’ career achievements and the opportunities awaiting future students. The event concluded with time for questions from the visitors.