Through a New Semester

05 February 2018 Comments Off on Through a New Semester


First of all, I want to wish a good brand-new semester to each and every individual on campus. I hope everyone will be welcomed warmly to Bilkent University. For some of us, it will be the second part of the first year. For others, this may be the middle of their university lives. Or, it may be the last semester of the last year, getting closer to graduation step by step. It does not matter where you are; this semester should and will be a great one.
After a semester finishes, when the grades and GPAs are announced, each and every student usually pronounces the same sentence: “Next semester, I’ll go to all of my classes, do my assignments and work harder.” But whether or not this intention is acted on is open to debate. I hope that after
reading this column, you will find the strength in yourself to put your plans into practice.
Also, you now have an advantage to help you go through with your plans. The advantage is that it’s SPRING SEMESTER. The days will be longer, the sky brighter and the weather warmer. So you will find more time and energy to do things.
I know that it is hard to focus on work and schedule tasks. But when you have them in order, it will be easier. Just as you have your classes scheduled and so know where to be at a specific time, if you list or schedule your other commitments and tasks, you will know what to do and find enough space for yourself.
As an example, here is a to-do list that will hopefully help you have a wonderful new semester.
1. When arranging your schedule, consider the curriculum and do not overload yourself; this would be tiring.
2. Your schedule is ready! Stay with it. Go to all of your classes.
3. Keep in touch with your student advisor; ask them if you have any concerns. They will show you the best way possible to deal with your problems.
4. Buy books, notebooks and other necessary school supplies.
5. Keep up with your campus email. This is important both academically and socially, because you can use it to learn about the social activities at school and get to know new people.
6. If you are staying in a dorm, try to know the people around you and have friends. Also, decorating the room may be motivating for you during the semester.
7. Use the library. It is the best place for you to find resources for research/study and get ready for midterms and finals.
8. Organize all of your class materials and notes. It will be useful when you need to reference them. Also, while organizing them periodically, you will have a chance to look at them over and over again, so you will be refreshing your knowledge and going through what you have learned.
9. If you are the kind of person who likes to have everything in order, you might want to create a study schedule. It will help you to find enough time for to study for each class.
10. Buy a calendar if you do not have one. Mark important dates and include the ones related to school.
Also, you can use reminders or other applications on your phone to make sure that you do not miss anything.
11. It is never too late to be a part of a student club. If you have not yet been able to find one that suits you, talk to other students and learn what they are interested in. Finding a club to join will motivwate you.
12. If you have questions, concerns or any kind of issues concerning your classes during the semester, see your professors or their assistants. Anything you can learn from them will add to your knowledge.
13. As it is spring semester, you may want to schedule your summer, too. If you are looking to do an internship or to have a job during the summer, start doing some research. As soon as you find something that is available and fits your criteria, be careful to respond to all requests for information and meet the due dates. This semester is usually the right time to submit applications.
14. Do not forget to spend time with your family and friends.
15. Most importantly, listen to yourself. Providing for your own needs will make you happier and more motivated.