TRIN Students Building Web Pages for Bilkent Community Since 2005

03 March 2014 Comments Off on TRIN Students Building Web Pages for Bilkent Community Since 2005

During the 2013 fall semester, Translation and Interpretation students in the TRIN371-Web Page Building course, offered by Erin Maloney (instructor in the Department of Banking and Finance), built web pages, as students in the course have done for the Bilkent community since 2005, when they first built a website for the School of Applied Languages.

Last semester, the seven students in this restricted elective course rebuilt the websites for two Bilkent departments, as they learned how to write their own HTML and CSS code, design banners and other artwork using GIMP, and edit complicated prewritten JavaScript for common tasks such as menus and slide shows.

Simden Erler, Ceren Eteke, Akya Gönülal, Hande Şen and Burcu Uğuz, with guidance from Dr. Jennifer Reimer and Dr. Craig Ireland, rebuilt the website for the Department of American Culture and Literature (  The website for the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics was rebuilt under the guidance of Dr. Deniz Atasoy by Oğuzhan Demirok and H. Çınar Demir (

“When I first arrived at Bilkent University in 1998,” said Ms. Maloney, “I was encouraged by Dr. Can Uğur Ayfer [BCC] to learn how to build web pages. Eventually, I applied my knowledge more and more to the TRIN371 course. Through the years, the course has become more dynamic. Students don’t just learn something. They actually see their work on the Bilkent web pages. And they’re surprised that they don’t have to be engineering students in order to ‘learn code.’ After just a few weeks of work, they’re able to build web pages from scratch, writing the actual code in a text editor, not with menu-driven software.”

Other Bilkent entity websites built by TRIN371 students include the following:

• Center for Turkish Literature
• Departments: Accounting Information Systems; Archaeology; Mathematics; Translation and Interpretation; Turkish Literature
• Faculty of Engineering
• French Preparatory Program
• Graduate Schools: Economics and Social Sciences; Engineering and Science
•Japanese Section of the Foreign Languages Unit

Participants in the project joined Ms. Maloney and her husband Dr. Jacques Morin (instructor in the Department of Archaeology) for the third annual WPWP (Web Page Wassail Party) on Friday, February 21.

In the photo from left to right: Oğuzhan Demirok (TRIN), Dr. Deniz Atasoy (MBG), Erin Maloney (BF), Akya Gönülal (TRIN), Hande Şen (TRIN), Simden Erler (TRIN)