Turkish Literature PhD Student Publishes New Book

23 December 2013 Comments Off on Turkish Literature PhD Student Publishes New Book

A new book by Turkish literature student, poet and editor Müesser Yeniay has recently come out. Entitled “Öteki Bilinç: Gerçeküstücülük ve İkinci Yeni,” it is a publication of Şiirden Yayınları in İstanbul and has received praise from poets such as Hilmi Yavuz, Metin Cengiz and Yusuf Alper.

A graduate of Ege University, Ms. Yeniay is a PhD student in Bilkent’s Department of Turkish Literature. Her first book, “Dibine Düşüyor Karanlık da,” was published in 2009, and her second book, “Evimi Dağlara Kurdum,” is a collection of translated works from world poetry. Her most recent poetry book is “Yeniden Çizdim Göğü,” published in 2011.

Ms. Yeniay has received the Yunus Emre (2006), Homeros Attila İlhan (2007), Ali Rıza Ertan (2009) and Enver Gökçe (2013) poetry awards in Turkey. Her poems have been translated into several languages.