Why Don’t You Dance?

30 October 2013 Comments Off on Why Don’t You Dance?


Did you know that there is a Ballroom and Latin Dance course at Bilkent? Did you ever think of attending? Yes, you did. At least once! Then you found some reason not to. Like, you can’t dance, right?

When we’re afraid of trying something new, we all know what to do: we find reasons not to! If we have a “reason,” then it’s not just fear or bias that prevents us. Or so we believe…

That’s why Sanem Subaygil, professional ballerina and instructor of the dance course at the Bilkent University Sports Center, has taken the time to answer some questions. What she says may help you see that the things that have been stopping you all this time might not be such big obstacles after all.

I don’t have a partner, so I can’t dance!

Sanem Subaygil: You don’t have to have a partner. You can find a dance partner during the course. All you need to do is ask another student to dance with you. He or she is just a dance partner, after all.

I’m really busy, I’m a Bilkent student. No way! I can’t dance!

SS: Class sessions are once a week on Tuesday evenings. They last 50 minutes. The course runs for 10 weeks of the semester. Most of the time, students are able to attend the classes. When the exam period starts, participation decreases, but there are still students who never miss a class. Students from many faculties and departments take the course.

Sorry, but I’ve never taken a dance course before.

SS: No dance history is needed. If you haven’t taken ballet lessons, it’s not a problem.

I don’t have dancing clothes and shoes.

SS: You don’t have to buy dance clothes, shoes or any other accessories for the course. You just need comfortable clothing and shoes to be able to dance.

I need to lose weight before I start dancing.

SS: If you’re dancing as a hobby, you don’t need to be fit. I’ve had overweight students before. They come to my classes to learn to dance and lose weight. This is about feeling comfortable while dancing. If a student is thinking of becoming a professional, of course she/he should be fit, just as I need to stay fit. This is true for all professional athletes.

I’m too clumsy; I trip and fall even when I’m just walking!

SS: Dancing requires visual memory, coordination, a musical ear and concentration. These things are important, but you don’t know what will happen if you don’t try. Maybe you’re just clumsy in everyday life, not in dancing.

Which dances do you teach in the courses? 

SS: Salsa and Argentine tango. In previous semesters, I have taught rumba, cha-cha, swing and Viennese waltz. It depends on the students’ interests.

Am too I late to start the course?

SS: Courses start again each semester. It’s too late for the fall semester, but you can start in the spring semester after the mid-year break.

I’m not sure, but I might try dancing. Where is the course held?

SS: The course is held at the Dormitories Sports Hall.

And the course hours?

Every Tuesday:

7:40-8:30 p.m. Salsa

8:40-9:30 p.m. Argentine Tango

9:40-10:30 p.m. Argentine Tango

If I do change my mind and want to learn to dance, where can I find more information?

Sports Center: ext. 1993