Volume 10, Number 10
9 December 2003

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“Genç Bakış” Symposium Televised

“Genç Bakış”, a television program on Channel D anchored by Abbas Güçlü, was broadcast live from Bilkent last week on Wednesday, December 3. Abbas Güçlü who is well-known for his column on educational issues in the Milliyet newspaper hosted Mr. Abdüllatif Şener, State Minister and Deputy Prime Minister.
The program, which has a question and answer format, began with a question asked by Abbas Güçlü and then continued with Bilkent students’ numerous questions on major topics such as the EU, Cyprus issue, higher education, agriculture, economic forecast, tourism in Turkey and Turkey’s role in the Middle East.


Ceremony and Symposium for Critic Hüseyin Cöntürk

One of Turkey's foremost literary critics, Hüseyin Cöntürk, who passed away in June 2003 at the age of 85, has bequeathed his collection of books to Bilkent University. Bilkent will pay tribute to Cöntürk at a ceremony to be held at 6 p.m., Monday, December 15 where Prof. Mehmed Ali Nûrâniyân will be representing the Cöntürk family and Dr. Phyllis Erdoğan will express the libraries gratitudes for the contribution.
At 6:30 p.m. the Center for Turkish Literature will organize a Cöntürk Symposium at C-Block Auditorium. Tributes and papers will be presented by Prof. Dr. Ahmet İnam, Dr. Süha Oğuzertem, Dr. Nuran Tezcan, Tuba Işınsu İsen-Durmuş and Jale Özata.
Everybody is welcome to the ceremony and symposium.

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Condolences for Our Former Student

Selen Atılgan lost her life as a result of a tragic incident. Our condolences and sympathy go out to her bereaved family and friends. We, as members of the Bilkent community, mourn her loss with deepest feelings of sorrow.
Ms. Atılgan, a graduate of Işık High School in İstanbul, was admitted to Bilkent in September 2000. She enrolled in the School of English Language and passed the COPE examination at the end of Fall Semester, 2000. She then chose to take a leave of absence from the university for eight months and returned from İstanbul in September 2001 to begin her undergraduate studies in the English Literature Program. However, her frequent visits to her hometown, İstanbul, and her absences from her regular Bilkent classes throughout the Autumn of 2001, affected her academic standing. Selen was unable to fulfill her academic requirements and chose to leave Bilkent University for good in February 2002.
We shall miss her as a former member of the Bilkent community.

Perin Öztin
Dean of Students

The Friends of UNICEF Are Ready to Meet You

Now is the perfect time to remember your friends and relatives, since there are only 22 days left until New Year’s Eve. Now is the opportunity to really please someone, especially children in your neighborhood and around the world.
The friends of Unicef currently have booths on campus staffed by members of the Operational Research Club. There are lovely greeting cards and gifts available at the stands which are located in the B-Building on weekdays, between 10:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. and in A-Building, between 11 a.m. - 4 p.m. (week-days).

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