Volume 10, Number 12
23 December 2003

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The Student Council Executive Committee Presentation

The Student Council Executive Committee held a presentation at the Mithat Çoruh Auditorium on December 10 in which the projects of the new Student Council was outlined. President Ekrem Oktay described the main projects and the activities that are planned, which aim to enhance campus life at Bilkent and represent the students in various ways.
These projects included; participation in the National Youth Council activities, a New Year party for December 26, 2003, a Book Fair- February 2004, an Automobile Exhibition - March 2004, continued contact with other universities and Spring Fest - MAY 2004.
All students are welcome to the Student Council New Year Party, which is a great opportunity to fully enjoy the atmosphere of Bilkent and to meet new friends. The party will be on Friday, December 26 at Cafe IN, from 9 p.m. to midnight powered by Radio Bilkent. The entrance is free!

Interval Training: Where Sports Meets Fun

On a frigid Tuesday I rushed into the Student Dormitories Sports Hall for the Interval Training program. As soon as I entered the gym, I was startled by the vivid adornments and cheerful balloons colored in traditional Bilkent tones, which created an air of warmth and festiveness for the upcoming event. The gym was filled with vigorous

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Bilkent Symphony Orchestra Concert Program

“Yunus Emre Oratoryosu”
Tuesday, December 23, at the Bilkent Concert Hall at 8 p.m.
Conductor: Rengim Gökmen
Soprano: Esin Talınlı
Mezzo Soprano: Şebnem Algın
Tenor: Ömer Yılmaz
Bass: Tuncay Kurtoğlu
Saturday, December 2, at the Bilkent Concert Hall at 8 p.m.
New Year’s Concert
Conductor: Cem Mansur “Cantabile” Soloists

Tickets are available at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts. You can also buy your ticket by credit card at ext. 1775.

AYVA Cup Tournament Highlights

Bilkent Versus Hacettepe
The most recent game between Bilkent and Hacettepe men’s basketball teams took place at Bilkent last Thursday, on December 17. Bilkent began the game in a very ambitious and promising mode. Especially since their effective offense made up of fast-breaks and well-chosen shots let Bilkent get ahead by 10 points. The crowd was also in the mood and this motivated our players, encouraging some players to play above their ability. The first period ended 14-6 in our favor.
At the end of the second period, the scoreboard showed: 27-19 in our favor again. In the third, Emre Can (no:12) continued to show his skills on defense. The “Three-second corridor” was well closed by him but Hacettepe’s no:11 started to shoot well from the outside. Bilkent’s Can Soylu (no:14) went a little too hard on the drives got into foul trouble soon, including a technical foul.
Bilkent’s Serter (no:8) tried several three-pointers and missed them all. Hacettepe then took total control of the game, their no:11 showing some outstanding skills on offense. The score reached a decisive 33-33 tie. After that, Hacettepe began tough-defending and the third period ended 40-34 for Hacettepe.
The last period began with our well-managed defense. However, some easy shots were missed. Our no:12, Emre Can was injured and was out of the game. In the last minutes Bilkent committed some tactical fouls and it was able to close the gap substantially. If only Hacettepe’s no:4 had missed the last foul shots and we could score one, the game could have turned our way, but he didn’t miss, and Bilkent lost the game. At the end of the game, the score was 62-58 for Hacettepe.

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