Volume 10, Number 18
2 March 2004

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Bilkent Loses Hayati Tekkaya

Bilkent lost Hayati Tekkaya, a successful third year student in the Department of Accounting, in a traffic accident on Friday, February 20. We would like to extend our sincerest condolences to his family, friends and the Bilkent Community.

What Does Career Days Offer Me?

As you are probably aware, on March 8 Career Days will start. It will be a fascinating opportunity for every student especially seniors who are interested in making plans for their professional lives. Career days will be held between March 8 and May 15. As in past Career Days, we are sure many of you will definitely take advantage of this opportunity and may become part of the world’s leading companies like PG, Pricewaterhousecoopers, Unilever, Ernst & Young… Here are a few comments from our alumni who got the chance to work at those companies via opportunities gained from previous career days.
Başak Aktürk, MAN graduate working at Unilever; “I strongly advise every Bilkent student to participate in the Bilkent Career Days since you get the chance to communicate face to face with the managers or other authorities of the companies and you are encouraged to ask pertinent questions. Don’t miss this opportunity!”
Aktan Kurtulmuş, MAN graduate, working in Ernst & Young; “Career days brings to you the managers of leading companies. If I had applied to those companies on my own, all the information that I would have received would have come from their Human Resource Center or it might have taken me a long time to talk with the managers, whereas; with the help of Career Days, you meet the managers and communicate with them on an individual level.”
For information on Career week, see the insert included with this issue.

Atilla Karakurum (IE/III)

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Staff to be Honored for 10 Years of Service

The following staff members will be honored for their contributions to the Bilkent community over the past ten years:
Feruza Abdullaeva (FMPA), Marina Agapova (FMPA), Iltuzur Ahmadov (FMPA), Seyran Ahundzade (FMPA), Faruk Akatürk (Procurement Office), Zuhal Aksoy (Library), Songül Aksungur (Dormitory Admin.), Dilek Aktener (Personnel Office), Semiha Akyol (Dormitory Admin.), Burhan Albayrak (Security), Davut Ali (FMPA), Hilal Aliimamoğlu (Library), Nazım Aliyev (FMPA), Gara Aliyev (FMPA), Serpil Altay (FADA), Fatih Altınkaynak (Library), Mehmet Altun (Security), Filiz Arıkan (FADA), Mete Arslan (BCC), Gülcan Ataman (BUPS), Hilal Handan Atlı (BUSEL), Orhan Ayten (Dormitory Admin.), Prof. Orhan Aytür (FE), Adilhoca Aziz (FMPA), Viktoriya Babaeva (FMPA), Rasim Baghirov (FMPA)

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A New CD from the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra

Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, has produced a CD of the “Yunus Emre Oratorio,” the world renowned work by Adnan Saygun. Before the concert, in cooperation with the Ankara State Opera and Ballet Choir in December, the orchestra worked on the studio recording of the CD under the direction of Rengim Gökmen and the participation of the soloists, Esin Talınlı (soprano), Şebnem Algın (mezzo soprano), Ömer Yılmaz (tenor), Tuncay Kurtoğlu (bass). Supported by the Central Bank of Turkey, the recording was realized by Musica Numeris, which does the recordings for companies such as EMI and Naxos.
“Yunus Emre Oratorio”, composed by Adnan Saygun in 1942, is the first Turkish oratorio. It is based on the poems and hymns of Yunus Emre, the Turkish poet and philosopher who lived in the thirteenth century. The oratorio has been translated into English, German, French and Hungarian, and has been performed all over the world. For further information call ext. 2280.

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