Volume 10, Number 9
1 December 2003

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Global Terrorism and Beloved İstanbul

The terrorism in İstanbul last month reminds us that we live in a small world. Our thoughts are with the victims and we send our heartfelt condolences to their families and friends.
In the last three years innocent people of diverse nationalities, religions, and ages have lost their lives in atrocities spanning the globe from New York to Indonesia. Which continent, which country will be next? We don’t know. That may well be part of the concept of terrorism: to scare a wider body of people than those that they can kill.
Before this current wave, countries such as Spain, the United Kingdom, and Turkey had experienced local versions of terrorism, in the last decade or so. In this global village called Earth, we are now reminded that we should lift up our guard again, in an even more determined fashion.
We shall continue to tighten up our security measures, increase our solidarity as constructive citizens of the world, reiterate our resolve against destruction, and continue our work towards a world of peace and harmony.

Ali Doğramacı

Serdar Sayan to Serve on the Executive Board of the MEEA

Assoc. Prof. Serdar Sayan of the Economics Department has been elected to serve on the Executive Board of the Middle East Economic Association (MEEA) between 2004 and 2006.
The MEEA is a private, non-profit, non-political organization of scholars from around the world interested in studying the economies and economics of the Middle East, in the broadest sense of the geographical term. A member of the Allied Social Science Associations, MEEA aims to promote high level scholarly activity among its members by organizing annual meetings in the US and Europe, and by publishing collections of selected research papers on the economies of the region.
Sayan who is currently teaching at Ohio State University as a visiting professor, will assume his responsibilities as an Executive Board Member following the ASSA Meetings in San Diego in early January.

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The Student Council Wants to Make a Difference at Bilkent

Dear Bilkent students,
Bilkent University has proven its excellence once again during the new elections for the student council. As you know, all registered students actively participated in the process, using computers to elect their class representatives. This was the first electronic election at a university in Turkey, and thus, was widely covered by the media. First of all, we would like to thank you for your interest and support in creating a democratic election.
We would like to express our appreciation that you gave us the honor to represent you.
During this academic year, the Student Council will do its best to enhance Bilkent campus life through student clubs, social and cultural activities. Our principal goal is to represent the students’ interests in the university; so we will do our best to ensure an independent voice in the administration by considering your opinions in all matters.
Since we are a body created to develop leadership, and serve the students as well, we want to know your expectations and your approaches to current issues. In order to hear from you and to strengthen communication, we will arrange a survey in the upcoming weeks. Please take a few minutes to let us know your feelings and how we can help you.
Remember, the Student Council is about student control of student affairs. If you would like to discuss any issues or to propose creative ideas and have input on decisions affecting students, feel free to contact us at ext. 2728.
We aim to make a difference together with you at Bilkent.

The Student Council

Time to Save Your Memories

It’s Yearbook time again! All Bilkent students and faculty who wish to purchase a yearbook and CD of all the wonderful events that happened and people that you’ve met, can purchase your special edition now, but are requested to pay for it by December 25.
For all those wishing to submit text, please send it to Ebru Ediz (eebru@bilkent.edu.tr) prior to December 25. For further information concerning text format and details of the printing process, please contact your departmental committee members or Ebru Ediz at ext. 2236.
The price of this year’s yearbook and the CD is 60 million TL., and the bank account for all payments is: Yapı Kredi Bilkent 29832-3.

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