Volume 11, Number 15        28 December 2004

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Student Council President Meets with the Board of “Deniz Temiz”

Bilkent Student Council President Ali Erdinç Savcı met with the board of Deniz Temiz/TURMEPA (Turkish Marine Environment Protection Association), an organization that promotes environmental awareness and responsibility regarding Turkey's coastline. Established in 1994, Deniz Temiz/TURMEPA unites industry and marine science representatives with interested citizens and volunteers in order to prevent pollution of the sea and coastline, clean up existing pollution, and create awareness of the problem.
Chairman Eşref Cerrahoğlu and board members Dr. Vera Bulgurlu, Asaf Güneri and Aziz Duman explained the issues. "We are working to protect Turkey’s marine and coastal environment to ensure that future generations may continue to enjoy the health, recreational and economic benefits the sea provides. We carry out our activities through our local coordinators at 53 points along 8.400 km of coastline from Hopa to İskenderun. We also implement environmental education programs to instill in children and youth an environmental consciousness and to ensure the long-term conservation of the seas,” said Chairman Cerrahoğlu.
The group's efforts up to now have included:
-educating more than 250,000 students at 2,000 elementary and high schools about the prevention of marine pollution.
-training 7,500 students at 75 elementary schools as "environment detectives" through the ALIPOT Environment Detectives Training Project.
-offering seminars on the prevention of marine pollution for boat captains, sailors and marina staff.
Deniz Temiz/TURMEPA also organizes sea and coastline cleanup activities, using their five boats and the support of many volunteers. Up to now, they have collected 15,000 tons of solid waste and 250 tons of petroleum waste, primarily in the course of the annual International Coast Cleanup Campaign.
Student Council President Savcı stated that he is certain they will find Bilkent students who will volunteer to help make Turkey's coasts cleaner.
Deniz Temiz/TURMEPA has a web site (http://www.turmepa.org.tr) that offers information related to the sea and pollution.

In Memoriam: Gürkan Süler

Gürkan Süler (1939-2004), a member of the Board of Trustees of Bilkent University until recently, passed away unexpectedly at Atatürk International Airport in Istanbul on Sunday, December 26, due to a heart attack.
Mr. Süler had served the university since 1990 as a legal advisor specializing in labor relations. He had done graduate studies in this area at Sheffield University in England after graduating from the Law School of Ankara University in 1963. During his career, he held important positions such as that of Deputy General Manager of Karadeniz Bakır İşletmeleri (a copper-mining company), and was also a legal advisor for international companies including ASEA Brown Boweri and Panadiane International.
Prof. Ümit Berkman, who worked with him for several years, had the following to say: “Mr. Süler not only knew in every detail the laws and regulations related to his own area, but also had a thorough knowledge of a number of legal cases, which is indicative of his perfectionist and research-oriented approach. Due to his background and experience, he was extremely successful in analyzing legal issues on which the university needed an expert opinion. We will definitely miss his contributions.”
Gürkan Süler is survived by his wife, İdil Süher. Members of the Bilkent Community wish to extend their sincere condolences to the Süler family and to Mr. Süler's colleagues.

Also in this issue:

AIRS Provides a New Feature for Advisors

By the end of this month, academic advisors will be able to use AIRS (Academic Information Review System) to request a meeting with their advisees prior to those students' online registrations.
Through AIRS, an advisor will now be able to bring a compact list of his/her advisees to the screen. By ticking a box next to an advisee's name, he/she can initiate the sending of an invitation message to the student, requesting to meet him/her. The system automatically generates an appointment time two hours prior to the student's online registration appointment time, with some exceptions. Full details are provided in the AIRS system.
After the meeting with his/her advisee, the advisor should clear the ticked box, so that the student can proceed with online registration.
Until the ticked box is cleared by the advisor (or, failing that, by the department chairperson), the student is blocked from online registration.



From: Your Advisor
To: You, the Advisee
Date: January 28, 2005
Subject: Please come to my office on...
Starting with the Spring 2005 semester, your academic advisor may be contacting you by e-mail to give you an appointment date/time to see him/her before your online registration.
You should check your
e-mail before January 31, 2005, to see if your advisor has made an appointment for you.
If so, you need to see your advisor at that time in order to be able to register online.


Different Rhythms to End the Year

A year of concerts and music programs is coming to an end. Don't worry--a new year filled with musical, artistic and cultural events will soon be starting at Bilkent. But before then, on December 29 at 8 p.m., the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra will play its final concert of the year in the Bilkent Concert Hall. This will be a concert with a difference: the music ensemble Quartango will be performing with the BSO, bringing the distinctive rhythm of the tango to the Bilkent stage.
This will be Quartango's first concert in Turkey. The award-winning ensemble takes tango in new directions, with innovative arrangements and unexpected allusions to classical music.
All Bilkenters will have the opportunity to experience this unique blend of musical styles on Wednesday evening.

Gülay Acar (COMD/II)


Interdepartmental Transfer Regulations Revised by the Senate

In a decision taken by the University Senate on December 22, 2004, the section of the Interdepartmental Transfers (Internal Transfers) regulations regarding "Applications" was modified as follows:
"Applications for Interdepartmental Transfers can be made until the fall semester online registration date for fall semester transfers; and for spring semester transfers, up to one week after the date of the last final examination of the fall semester."
Students who decide to do interdepartmental transfers will not be permitted to take amnesty examinations. If a student elects to take amnesty examinations instead, he/she will not be able to do an interdepartmental transfer.
Additionally, the number of courses which a student may withdraw from remains the same even in the case of interdepartmental transfer students, according to a new article in the regulations.
The full text of the regulations with the above changes for interdepartmental transfers can be found at: http://www.bilkent.edu.tr/


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