Volume 13, Number 20
27 Feburary

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“Philosophy Beautifies Your Mind!” Children’s Perspectives on Philosophy

Bilkent students not only take philosophy courses, they also share what they have learned!

Volunteer Bilkent students who have taken some philosophy courses have been offering philosophy discussions to the children of Bilkent non-academic staff since the beginning of the 2007 fall semester as part of the ÜPDP (Üniversite Personeline Destek Projesi) which is one of the working projects of TOG-Bilkent (Toplum Gönüllüleri Grubu)/ TDP.

The idea behind this project is to encourage younger students to enjoy philosophy. Topics falling within the scope of ethics and political philosophy have been explored. (continues)

STARS Updated!

STARS (Academic Information Registration System) has been updated, and the new version coincides with the university’s changes to several academic rules and regulations. BCC has decided to change the entire system completely since technology has progressed greatly since STARS was implemented in 1988. As a result, in addition to an updated look, STARS will have new servers, new interfaces and a new database making the system faster and more accessible. (continues)

Winter Fest 2007,
What a Blast!

On the 23rd of February, a great party, Winter Fest organized by the Bilkent University Student Council, took place in the main alley. First, DJ Berk Önen entertained Bilkenters, followed by a performance by the popular band Dolapdere Big Gang. The band is famous for singing popular songs alaturca style. Their music rocked the evening and throughout the concert the band called themselves Dolapdere Bilkent and thanked everybody for the great participation.

Throughout the event it snowed artificially and hot beverages were served. Since winter this year has been mild, this event also reminded us of the great winters in Ankara. We asked Bilkenters for their thoughts on the event:

Bahar Yılmaz (MAN/II): This event is a good one which makes it easier to wait for May Fest. We need a morale boost just as the exam period is starting. For example, I have an exam tomorrow but now I'm here to have fun!

Onur Özsener (EE/I): Despite the rain, this well-organized event made us stay here. The entertainment should not stop!

Gökçe Akın (IE/III): This great event even made us forget about the cold weather. Definitely, it should be repeated.

Zeynep Gül Karakaş (IAED/II): The evening is so entertaining that this event should take place every Friday!

Yeşim Şağban (IE/III)

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Law Professor Elected Vice President of European Committee of Social Rights

Tekin Akıllıoğlu, an adjunct professor of administrative law at the Bilkent Law School has been elected vice-president of the European Committee of Social Rights. The election took place on February 6, 2007 in Strasbourg. The mission of the European Committee of Social Rights is to judge the conformity of national law and practice with the European Social Charter. Turkey ratified the Social European Charter on November 24, 1989. Part of Tekin Akıllıoğlu's responsibilities will include chairing a sub-committee for two years.

Bilkent Symphony Releases Another International Album

The Bilkent Symphony Orchestra recently released another international CD under the Naxos label, this time with their conductor since 2002, Emil Tabakov. Under the direction of Tabakov were famous French musicians Patrick Gallois (flute), Philippe Bernold (flute) and Jean-Philippe Collard (piano). The Two Flute and Piano Concerto's, Tabakov's own compositions, portray his unique style perfectly and when combined with the percussion section, provide an exotic mood that is sure to stay with you for a long time. Tabakov is considered an important composer of modern music, and this CD will surely find its place among the classics.

Sera De Vor (AMER/II)

10th Anniversary of the Training Programs for Regional Countries

The Directorate of the Training Programs for Regional Countries organized a ceremony to celebrate their 10th anniversary of service on Thursday, February 22 at the Mithat Çoruh Auditorium. The aim of the Directorate of the Training Programs for Regional Countries is to enhance and maintain friendships and cooperation between Turkic communities and to provide them with more educational opportunities. The celebration included speeches by Rector Ali Doğramacı and the director of the program, Dr. Rasim Özyürek, who pointed out that over the last 10 years, the Directorate has organized 101 training programs and certified 1694 trainees. The speeches were followed by a concert featuring the Anadolu Güneşi Quartet and tenor Ömer Türkmenoğlu.

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