Volume 14, Number 21
March 25, 2008

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Bilkent Students Take Prominent Roles in Model UN Turkey Conference


From March 3 to 7, TOBB-ETÜ hosted what might have been Turkey’s best student run conference, MUNTR, with foreign participants calling it "incredible". The acronym stands for Model United Nations Turkey, a simulation of the UN, supported by United Nations Turkey, where students represent a country and its policies in a platform of debate and negotiation.

Bilkent Welcomed Estonian Prime Minister


The Prime Minister of Estonia, Mr. Andrus Ansip, was greeted with a warm standing ovation from a packed house in one of the new lecture hall rooms. To the audience, he brought a message that echoes those of other high profile visitors to Bilkent University, including the Greek Prime Minister, Kostas Karamanlis - Turkey can benefit from being in the European Union (EU), and the EU can benefit by having Turkey. Estonia is an EU member state, and in order to increase security and economic competitiveness, backs further enlargement that includes Turkey.

In his speech, "Europe's Perspective: Common Future and Common Challenges," the Prime Minister expressed that his country had to make difficult and painful decisions very quickly to gain membership. In order to get into the EU, "Do your homework!" was the PM's advice. Basically, know what needs to be done to meet the required standards, and make the changes quickly. But, part of his message was that Turkey should make progressive changes not for Brussels, or the EU, but for itself. It is something that Turkey must do out of the interest of its own people and future.

Undergraduate Student Achieves Scientific Publication


İlkem Özge Huyal, currently a senior student in the Department of Chemistry, began to work on the development of innovative optoelectronic devices using fluorescent polymers. The project has been under the supervision of Dr. Hilmi Volkan Demir, of the Department of Physics and Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and Dr. Dönü? Tuncel of the Department of Chemistry since the summer of 2006. Their research work on the demonstration of high-quality white light sources using only a single type of fluorene-based polymer was published in the SCI journal, Optics Express, in the January 2008 issue (vol. 16 (2), p. 1115-1124). The entry is considered to have the highest impact factor in the field of optics and photonics. Özge, being well-motivated to carry out scientific research, was honored with the first authorship of this publication as an outcome of her efforts. In addition to her coursework this year, Özge is continuing her research with her senior project supervisors on "Fluorene-Based Copolymers and Their Nanoparticles."

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32. Gün Brings its Forum to Bilkent


The much respected Kanal D television show 32. Gün, anchored by Mehmet Ali Birand, was broadcast from Bilkent University on March 20. Guest speakers were Prof. Anıl Çeçen of Ankara University's Faculty of Law; Prof. Doğu Ergil, political scientist and writer; Mustafa Balbay, Ankara representative for Cumhuriyet newspaper; and Fikri Akyüz, columnist of Yeni Şafak newspaper.


The program is presented as a question and answer and open debate forum. It gave Bilkent students an opportunity to express their ideas on a number of current events. Among the topics discussed were: the closure of a political party, the ruling Justice and Development Party and its policy and attitudes during the judicial process, democracy and law, national will, secularism and anti-secularism.

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