Volume 14, Number 09
November 20, 2007

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Student Representative Elections Update

The elections for the Department/Program Student Representatives concluded on Thursday, November 15. Election results can be found at http://bilkent.edu.tr/konsey

The last phase of the election process will take place November 19-21 with the election of Faculty/School/ Institute Representatives by respective Department Representatives. Thursday, November 22 the General Assembly will meet to elect the University Student Council Executive Committee; the President of the Student Council; and the Board of Controllers. The meeting will be held in the Zeynep Köksal Meeting Room at 3 p.m.

A total of 147 candidates ran in the elections to become their Department/ Program Representatives. The total number of elected Department Representatives was 50. Out of 12,286 voters, 6,419 cast their votes, resulting in a turn out of 51.1 percent.

Where Science and Philosophy Meet

"Philosophy: the mother of all sciences," read the poster for Bilkent's “World Philosophy Day,” event held November 16. The program, designed by Hilmi Demir (PHIL), illustrated the effect philosophy has had on science, and featured seminars on a wide array of topics - from nanoscience to social psychology.

The event, marking UNESCO's “World Philosophy Day,” appealed to a range of students and faculty members, with the seminar room filled with a mosaic of people from diverse disciplines. The seminars by Hilmi Volkan Demir (PHYS) and Haldun Özaktaş (EE) addressed two of the hottest topics in science today: nanoscience and artificial intelligence. Laurence Barker's (MATH) exposition of Aristotle and Euclid's modernism blended with seminars by Sandrine Berges and Lars Vinx (both from PHIL) on virtue and religion - subjects debated for centuries. Mark Ashton-Smith's (PSYC) lecture about what is happening at the edge of neuroscience, met with István Aranyosi's (PHIL) thought provoking analysis of the nature on knowledge.

The mission of bringing the sciences together on the uniting ground of philosophy was accomplished. The day's events pleased freshmen and professors alike, for they touched on some cutting-edge issues in science and philosophy without employing puzzling rhetoric.

Selim Can Sazak (PHIL/I)

Bilkent Engineers Broaden International Horizons

ieeBilkent University's Industrial Engineering Department is now the first and only chapter of the IIE (Institute of Industrial Engineers) in Turkey. The Institute is one of the largest and most widely known professional society’s of Industrial Engineering in the world.

The IIE was established in 1948. By organizing conferences, training and a variety of other activities, they have helped build and maintain connections between members in the Industrial Engineering tribe. With approximately 15,000 members and 280 chapters worldwide, IIE's primary mission has been to meet the ever-changing needs of industrial engineers, including undergraduate and graduate students; engineering practitioners and consultants in all industries; engineering managers; and engineers in education, research, and government.

Through the organization, Bilkent's Industrial Engineering undergraduate and graduate students are able to run in competitions and win awards. The chapter also provides the opportunity to earn scholarships, and have access to a mentoring program, where students can partner up with famous and professional members of the IIE.

Bilkent University's Industrial Engineering Department continues to lead the way for Turkish universities and students on the international stage.

For further information on IIE, visit www.iienet.org, or send an e-mail to eak@ug.bilkent.edu.tr

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University Matters Discussed at Open Meeting

On Thursday, November 15, Rector Prof. Ali Doğramacı and other university administrators held an open meeting at the Mithat Çoruh Auditorium. The goal was to provide information on current and upcoming construction projects on campus, and to share ideas about a variety of future activities.

During the meeting, construction taking place on campus, including the new Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Faculty Housing, Lecture Hall and UNAM (National Nanotechnology Research Center) building projects, was reviewed.
Rector Ali Doğramacı also took the opportunity to outline the efforts being made by the İhsan Doğramacı Foundation to contribute towards achieving peace in the Middle East.

Additionally, Prof. Orhan Aytür gave information on a new type of scholarship opportunity, tentatively dubbed the "half-tuition scholarship." According to this, for each department admitting students with the centralized university placement system, there will be a separate half-tuition scholarship quota, in addition to the already existing full scholarship and tuition paying categories. Students who get placed into their programs under the half-tuition scholarship quota will pay one half of the normal tuition throughout their education at Bilkent.

Joint Italian-Turkish Venture: A Step Forward

venture.jpg (12732 bytes)

Between November 8 and 13, a joint workshop took place at Bilkent with students from Rome’s "La Sapienza" University’s Faculty of Architecture. The workshop was titled "Valley as an Urban Form: Challenging City- Naure Intersections." The aim was to form an inter-cultural and interdisciplinary platform for education and research in the fields of Architecture; and Landscape Architecture; and Urban Design.

Six Italian students, along with their professor, Roberto Cherubini, worked with 12 Turkish students. The main focus of the project was the Öveçler Valley, so the Italian students visited both Ankara and its valleys. The exploration was followed by a workshop and presentation. During the workshop, the students explored alternative design proposals for the future of the valley/city/nature intersections. (continues)

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