Volume 15, Number 18
March 3, 2009

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Prof. İhsan Doğramacı Awarded by the Egyptian People's Assembly

On Tuesday, February 24, a ceremony was held at the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, to present to Prof. İhsan Doğramacı, founder and President of Bilkent University and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, the "Medal of the Egyptian People's Assembly."  This is the first time that the Egyptian People's Assembly has made such an award.

During the ceremony the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Dr. Alaa El Hadidi, introduced Prof. Doğramacı and presented him with the medal.  Delivering a speech at first in Turkish and continuing in Arabic, Prof. Doğramacı emphasized the friendship between Turkey and Egypt, mentioning the collaboration between the pediatricians of the two countries in setting up the Union of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Pediatric Societies half a century ago.  Prof. Doğramaci had previously been honored by the Ain Shams University in Cairo with an honorary doctorate.

Results of the 2009 General Meeting of BILMED

The General Board Meeting of the Bilkent Alumni Association (BILMED) convened on February 22, 2009 at the Point Hotel Taksim in İstanbul. It was established that the elected board will once again be chaired, for the second time, by Sinan Öncel (IR-99) for the next two years.

BILMED, which was established in 1993, works on social and business networking among Bilkent graduates and initiating contributions to the University.

At the 16th General Board Meeting, amendments in the article of association were made by the majority of votes  which extended the tenure of those elected to boards. Also, a Discipline Board was established for the first time and the number of board members increased from 22 to 28. The next General Board Meeting should be in January 2011.

The list of the board members is as follows:

Board of Directors (Full Member)
1) Sinan Öncel (IR-99)
2) Burc Aka (POLS-99)
3) O. Özgün Özbek (POLS-03)
4) Melike Bakıcı (MAN-03)
5) Mahmut Sener (IR-92)
6) Pınar Canalp (CTIS-01)
7) Özgür Bilgin (THS-98)
8) Hakan Köksal (MAN-99)
9) Aydın Özen (ECON-99)
10) Arda Yağcıoğlu (POLS-04)
11) M. Engin Güler (IR-97)

Board of Directors (Associate Member)
1) Deniz Sirer (POLS-99)
2) Aslıgül Akçiçek (ELIT-92)
3) Irmak Tosun (IR-05)
4) Hakan Barut (MAN-00)
5) Umut Gülaç (EE-06)

Board of Auditors (Full Member)
1) Cihan Aktas (MAN-97)
2) Özlem Uçarkuş (MBA-94)
3) Bozkurt Kenan Yilmaz (MAN-91)

Board of Auditors (Associate Member)
1) Hande Alptekin (ACC-02)
2) Utku Şimşek (AIS-07)
3) Serkan Köse (CS-05)

Board of Discipline (Full Member)
1) Ahmet Nalbur (MAN-91)
2) Zehra Dönmez (MAN-98)
3) Nilüfer Mavi (IR-99)

Board of Discipline (Associate Member)
1) Aslı Melek Gülseren (AIS-04)
2) Özgür Kurum (POLS-03)
3) Çiğdem Öztürk (IE-08)

Bilkent Associate Professor Earns Award for Museum Exhibit

On May 19, 2008,  during the 27th Annual Turkish Museum Week activities, a ceremony was held where Asst. Professor Ahmet Özsalar of Bilkent's Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture's Department of Fine Arts received an award for his valuable contributions to the design, preparation and opening of an exhibition and display of the "Amphore furnace" in the Sinop Archeological Museum. The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mr.  Ertuğrul Günay, took part in the event.

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Debate Society Performs Well in Two Big Tournaments, Seeks New Members

Last weekend, the Bilkent Debate Society competed at Pamukkale University in Denizli, where 32 teams from universities all around Turkey were present for a three day nationwide debate tournament. Damla Okay (AMER/IV) and Anıl Araslı (MAN/IV) made it to the final round with three other teams, yet lost the cup to Yeditepe University by a small margin while debating the issue of whether the publicizing of political opinion polls should be banned.

The week before, the debate society traveled to Cardiff in the UK to compete with 56 teams from around Europe in a huge international debating tournament. The Bilkent team made it to the finals in the ESL (English as a Second Language) category, and claimed the position of "Best Speaker"  for the tournament. Topics ranged from the exclusion of Iceland from the EU to the criminal prosecution of police officers who commit violence while on duty.
With a new season starting up, the Bilkent Debate Society is looking for students who think they can represent their University at home and abroad at tournaments and beat students from other top schools in debate and oration. If you are interested, send an e-mail to debate@lists.bilkent.edu.tr

CTIS Hosts First Bilkent ACM Student Chapter Seminar

On February 21 and 22, Bilkent's ACM (Association for Computing Machinery)   Student Chapter organized their first seminar, focused on Software Technologies, in association with the Bilkent Technology Society. Two Microsoft MVPs (Most Valuable Professonals), Daron Yöndem and Umut Uğurluoğlu, from the International .NET Association (INETA) lectured to over 70 students on Microsoft's .NET 3.5, ASP .NET, WCF, WPF and Silverlight platforms. The Department of Computer Technology and Information Systems hosted the seminar and provided a lecture hall and computer laboratory for hands-on lectures. The Bilkent ACM Student Chapter aims to give Bilkent ungraduate students a solid background in technological advances in computer technology. Future chapter events will be announced via campus-wide e-mails.

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