Minor Introductions: International Relations

The world we live in is characterized by fluidity -rapid change in every aspect of our lives forces us to adapt constantly. Even if we cannot see how changes on the macro, indeed international, level affect us at any given time, our everyday experience can be informed by the tectonic forces that operate among nations and international history.
Studying international relations allows one to gain further insight into such transformations that characterize one's current environment. Instead of wandering along blinkered by a belief in one's insularity from world events, studying IR helps the student place him or herself and society in a wider, globalized framework.
Students pursuing a minor in the International Relations Department take four required courses, which give them a good basis for understanding world politics and Turkey's international relations. These are: Diplomatic History, Foreign Policy Analysis, International Relations Theory, and Turkish Foreign Policy. Students also take two elective courses according to their interests. The IR Department offers a wide variety of courses, all of which are open to minor degree students (subject to availability).
Depending on their major degree program, students would be advised to take introductory courses (for example, Introduction to World Politics). Students are also encouraged to experiment with more specialized courses (including International Political Economy, Security Studies and Conflict Research, and Russian Studies).

All Bilkent University students with an interest in world politics who also like to read, reflect and write are encouraged to consider pursuing a minor degree from the International Relations Department. Currently 39 students are enrolled in IR minor program.