"Sports as a Way" of Life Begins Thursday

This year the new "Sports as a Way  of Life" program  will  kick off with  an opening  ceremony  on  Thursday  October 7 at  5 p.m. at  the Main Campus football  field. Everyone who is signed up for the program needs to come to the ceremony.
Stands will  be ready for all 16 groups according to their group names and team colors. 
Don't worry about getting together with your new teammates. Group  leaders and assistant group  leaders will be present to help you find where you need to be.
The program will commence with some just-for-fun competition. You are welcome to cheer on your friends and classmates even if you are not registered on a team.
This new sports program is planned to encourage students to participate in a variety of sports events and tournaments. Activity in sports programs contributes to a healthy campus life and helps you make new friends.
Getting in shape and staying fit is not only good for your health. Engaging in sports will help lower stress levels, keep you slim and trim, and can even make you a better student. And, employers often see scholar/athletes as leaders who can handle new challenges.

When sports are a way of life, then your whole life is healthier.