How to Use the Mind Efficiently - Or, the Secrets of the Brain


“Do you think that he memorized the entire seminar?" This is only one of the questions I heard before a seminar that was held at Bilkent on December 28. Just what was it that was attracting such a large audience to a talk entitled "Effective Usage of the Brain and Memory"? In fact, you couldn't find a seat, because 200 people packed the room.

Who was the speaker? His name is Barış Canatan, and he was Turkey's national memory champion. He won two gold medals in the categories of "speed cards" and "binary digits" in 2007 and three gold medals, in "speed cards," "binary digits" and "names and faces," in 2008.

In the seminar, which was held by the Bilkent Mühendislik Topluluğu, he not only talked about his fascinating hobby but also gave some demonstrations that really captured the audience's interest. First, he memorized the names of 45 objects that were given by audience members and then recited all of them. It wasn't more than an exercise for him, but it astonished everyone in attendance.

Illusionists never tell their secrets. Fortunately, Mr. Canatan is not an illusionist. Describing the parts of the brain and their operations like a scientist, he revealed the secrets of memory and his techniques for keeping knowledge in the mind. He also suggested how and where we could use these techniques.

Finally, he conducted a brief workshop for his listeners. Audience members memorized the names of 20 objects, thanks to a technique that Mr. Canatan showed them.