Marmara Restaurant to Be Rebuilt

The Marmara (Tabled'Hote) Restaurant,located across from the Faculty of Engineering Building, will be rebuilt this year. Demolition of the building will begin on May 15 after classes end. Its reopening is planned for the end of 2013.

During the construction period, the Main Sports Hall will be used for lunch and dinner (serving a fixed menu only) in place of the Marmara Restaurant.

The new Marmara Restaurant is planned as a three-story building: basement, ground floor and first floor. The kitchen will be located in the basement, with indoor/outdoor dining areas on the ground and first floors. The restaurant will occupy a total of 3,800 square meters, with the capacity to serve 1,000 people.

MEC MarkeThink Days '13


The Management and Economics Club (MEC) is holding MarkeThink Days 2013 this week, March 4-8. The marketing sector, and new trends and strategies within the sector, are being discussed throughout the week. Those who are not involved in sales or marketing may also be interested, as this event will provide an opportunity to learn about how sales and marketing strategies are developed.

Here's something to consider: much of what you see during the day and pass off as random is actually carefully planned by marketers. For example, most logos are red, except those of banks, which often use navy blue or green. Turning to pricing, most prices are not given exactly, but as longer numbers, such as 9.99. You might also be interested in knowing how a specific behavioral pattern, such as the fact that people don't usually buy popcorn at the beginning of a movie but instead during the break, can be used to sell a product.

For further insights into these ideas, and much more about marketing, everyone is welcome to MarkeThink Days, with sessions starting at 12:40 p.m. every day this week. Students taking GE 250/251 will receive 20 points per session. Those who attend all five sessions will receive a certificate.
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Students Connect With Business Leaders at Yönet 2013

The Bilkent University Engineering Society's "Yönet 2013," a management and leadership conference, took place at the Ankara HiltonSA Hotel March 1-3. This was the eighth such event that has been held, and some of those participating considered it the best one yet.

Yönet's purpose is to bring students who want to be managers and executives into contact with business leaders, and it is open to students from other universities as well as Bilkent. This year's conference included seminars and workshops, and was an excellent opportunity for attendees to learn more about leadership and management.

Many important speakers contributed their expertise and experience to Yönet 2013. On the first day, presenters included Cem Ağın, human resources manager at Bilkent Holding, and Mert Demirci, CEO of Teknik Alüminyum A.Ş. A talk by author and television host Enver Aysever brought an additional perspective, examining the ethical aspects of leadership and management.

On Saturday, the event continued with speakers such as Ebru Pilav, human resources director at Deloitte, and Recep Güleç, head of International Banking & Structured Finance at Halkbank. Fashion designer Hakan Akkaya offered a special session on how to choose the right clothing to project an image as a leader.
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GazeteBilkent School Aid Campaign Underway


GazeteBilkent is holding an aid campaign to build a library at the Osman Ünyazıcı Elementary School in Sincan, Ankara. Donations of books, stationery items and clothing will be accepted as part of the campaign. The books will be used to create the library, and the rest of the donations will go to the Sevgi Childrens' Home. Both institutions are affiliated with the Social Services and Child Protection Agency (Sosyal Hizmet ve Çocuk Esirgeme Kurumu).

The campaign was organized in collaboration with TDP (Toplumsal Duyarlılık Projeleri) as part of their "Güneş Köyden Doğuyor" project, which was established three years ago to provide an overall framework for the many campaigns that aim to restore schools in need of repair in rural areas.

The campaign stand, which opened last week, will be in front of the FEASS building (A Building) until Wednesday, March 6.
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