Volume 5, Number 15
25 January 1999

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Assoc. Provost Ger: "Let's Prepare for Life"

Associate Provost Güliz GerAssociate Provost Güliz Ger has been a member of Bilkent's Business Administration Faculty since 1986. While teaching she has amassed an extensive record of publications on consumer behavior, culture, and consumption. During the fall semester of this academic year she was promoted to the post of Associate Provost, where she will assume responsibility for academic affairs and first-year curriculum. Bilkent News interviewed Dr. Ger about her new post, its challenges, and changes in progress.

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Student Union President Wants Help Plannıng Weekly Parties

Murat KüçükaliHe is from Zonguldak. He is the first born in his family. His father is a lawyer. He is a third year American Culture student. He was the Drama Club President and Captain of the basketball team in high school. And he will be the Student Union's representative on the Bilkent News Editorial Board during the Spring Semester. You know him: he is Murat Küçükali, he is the President of the Student Union for the '98-'99 academic year.

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Tuition for 1999-2000 Set

Bilkent University's Board of Trustees set tuition for the coming school year during its meeting on January 6. For the academic year 1999-2000, tuition for students who enrolled before 1998 will be 3,675 U.S. dollars (USD), payable in two equal installments, each before the academic registration dates of each semester. Conversion of Turkish lira to USD will be based on the effective selling rate of the Central Bank of Turkey (T.C. Merkez Bankası) on the day of the payment. Tuition for students who enrolled in 1998 will be 4,570 USD. The tuition for students enrolling for the first time in September 1999 will be 5,000 USD. International students who enrolled prior to September 1998 will pay 5,000 USD per academic year while the rate of 6,000 USD per academic year will apply to international students who enrolled at Bilkent after September 1998.

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