Volume 5, Number 4
5 October 1998

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Republic's 75th Anniversary Celebrations to Continue

Almost everybody heard about the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra's concert tours in August and September. Many of you have noticed the posters with the 75th Anniversary of the Republic logo on the bulletin boards in the hallways announcing a series of contests, and we hope everybody knows about the open air concert on the 28th (location yet to be determined). And do not forget that a Republic Ball is planned for October 29. Details will be announced shortly.

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Boğaç B. Turna Wins Prize
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Boğaç Babür Turna, a graduate student in Bilkent's Department of History, has been named among the second prize winners in the 1998 Edupage and Educom Review student essay contest.

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Drama Atölyesi Theater Club Wins Honor
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Bilkent's Drama Atölyesi Theater Club won a certificate of honor for its performance of Aristophanes' play "Lysistrata" at the Akdeniz University drama festival held between May 13 and 21. Because of its award-winning performance, the club has been invited to take part in the 1999 Akdeniz Festival.

The club will start its regular meetings on October 5 at 6 p.m. in the C-Block Auditorium of the FEASS building on Main Campus. Meetings will be held at the same time at place every Monday and Thursday. During the meetings, club members will practice diction, improvisation, and role-playing. Anyone interested in theater is welcome to attend.

For more information, see the club's homepage at

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Physics Graduate Promotes Science Education

Atom-detecting microscope hand built by OralLess than five years ago, Ahmet Oral had no choice but to build by hand the basic tools necessary to carry out research at Bilkent to complete his PhD in experimental physics. Today the recipient of Bilkent's first experimental physics doctorate works in one of the world's most advanced physics laboratories. A measure of Oral's success came last week when he returned to Bilkent to switch places with his former teachers. As part of a series of meetings, the Oxford researcher presented his most recent work to science faculty members and their students.

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Flu Shots Ready

The Main Campus Health Center has flu shots (grip aşısi) available for TL 2.500.000

The price includes value added tax but it is not covered by health insurance (Bayındır).

For more information, call the Health Center at ext. 1666.

Video Introduces Artificial Intelligence
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"The Thinking Machine," a superb video introduction to the field of artificial intelligence, will be shown Tuesday, October 6, at 5:40 p.m. in the Mithat Çoruh Auditorium of the Engineering Building on the Main Campus. The video traces the successes and failures of attempts to create intelligent machines, starting with the pioneering work of Alan Turing and running through the recent work on CYC. Interviews with many of the people who have shaped research in the field, including Minsky, Dreyfus, Feigenbaum and Lenat, are featured in the presentation. Everyone is welcome. Don't miss it!

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