Volume 5, Number 8
9 November 1998

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We Remember Him

Mustfa Kemal Atatürk

Freedom and independence; that is my character. 1921

If a nation is deprived of art, it can not have a full life. It means one of its vital arteries is cut. 1923

It is education which allows a nation to live as a free, independent, glorious and a noble society, or condemns that nation to servitude and poverty. 1924

Educate the youth! Give them the positive ideas of the science and the arts. You will achieve enlightenment in the future together with them. 1927

Peace at home, peace in the world. 1928

A nation's level of culture is measured by the results of its activities and success in the areas of the state, intellect and economy. 1937

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Republic Ball Brings Hope Proves Unity

The joy of celebrating the 75th anniversary of the Republic throughout Turkey reflected on a series of activities at Bilkent University as well. The zenith of celebrations was the Republic Ball held in Bilkent Hotel on Thursday, October 29, organized with the auspices of the Dean of Students. The founder and the President of the University İhsan Doğramacı, Rector Ali Doğramacı, Vice Rectors, the Dean of Students, faculty, administirative staff, students, and a number of guests from and outside the Bilkent community attended the ball.

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Celebration at Summit

On October 29, six members of Bilkent University Outdoor Sports Club went to Aladağlar-Niğde to climb Lahitkaya peak to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Turkish Republic. Lahitkaya (3100m) is placed on the southern part of Aladağlar with a 350 meters high north wall. Members of the team were Efecan Aytemiz, Tunç Fındık, Burak Galip Akkurt, Kerim Savran, Işıl Olgunsoy and Engin Kaya.

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Republic Walk

One of the most important events of the "75th anniversary of the Republic" celebrations was the "Republic Walk." The activity took place in every province of Turkey on October 25 at 10 a.m. In Ankara, the walk was between Hippodrome and Anıtkabir (Mauseloum). Big crowds of people from every part of our society joined the walk as if a cross-section sample of Turkey was walking.

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75th Annıversary Chess Tournament Proves Success

Bilkent University Chess Club hosted Hacettepe University, METU and Kara Harp Okulu (Military Academy) for the 75th Anniversary Inter-universities Chess Tournament held on October 24 and 25. Three rounds were played and each of the four teams had six players. The games were of high quality with the players of high national chess ratings. The games were played against time based on 1 hour/20 moves, 1 hour/guillotine (totally 2 hours per player) which enhanced the quality of games.

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