Volume 6, Number 15
7 February 2000

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Kaynaşlı Education Center Seeks Volunteers

Bilkent News InteractiveBilkent has recently opened a Center for Social Work and Education in Kaynaşlı to serve the earthquake survivors. The center will primarily cater to children between the ages of four and fourteen, with some instruction for older teens and adults. Volunteers are being sought who can teach computer skills, English, reading and writing, as well as tutor after classes. In addition, those with experience in music, drama, crafts, chess, and sports are encouraged to come forward and help out. The center also has a daycare and a TV and video room...

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Foreign Ministry Honors Professor Halman

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, İsmail Cem, presented the Ministry's Distinguished Service Award to Bilkent Professor Talat Halman on Thursday, February 3, at Ankara Palas Devlet Konukevi. Prof. Halman received the award for his impressive contributions to Turkish art, culture, literature and poetry. Prof. Halman, who was the first Minister of Culture for the Republic of Turkey, has demonstrated many achievements as a scholar, literary figure, poet, and columnist...

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BUSEL Conference Tackles Teaching Excellence

On February 3rd, 4th and 5th, the Bilkent University School of English Language held its 5th International Conference at the Bilkent Hotel. The title of the conference was "Excellence in Teaching: Promoting, Implementing and Sustaining Effective Practice".

The conference provided a rich forum for teachers, lecturers, trainers, managers and researchers from a variety of institutional contexts to further explore these concepts and to share their views, perceptions and experiences. Speakers from as far afield as the US, the UK, and the UAE joined Turkish experts in giving presentations and workshops on diverse topics all linked to the question of teaching excellence on the classroom, institutional, and national levels...

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