Volume 8, Number 17
5 March 2002

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Career Corner

Career Corner

The 4th annual Career Fair will be held at Bilkent University on March 22. The Career Fair allows students to meet with representatives from both private and state institutions. During the Career Fair and Career Days, which will be held after the Fair, students can gather information and talk to the representatives. This will give them the opportunity to interact with the business representatives prior to graduation. The f air is not only beneficial for students planning to graduate this year but it is also a chance for all Bilkenters to present their CVs for potential internships.
Bilkent News interviewed some of those graduates and they were pleased to voice their feelings concerning the Career Fair and Career Days with us.

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Bilkent Loses Songül Coşkun on Mountain Climbing Accident

Songül Coşkun

Songül Coşkun (THS/99') died in an accident while she was climbing Mount Ilgaz on Friday, February 25. She was one of the eight climbers who were on a Bayram Holiday camping trip. Five of the climbers, including Songül, decided to climb higher but, due to adverse weather conditions, Songül Coşkun fell 100 meters and died shortly afterwards. Bilkent University would like to express its sincere condolences to the family and friends of Songül Coşkun.

Staff to be Honored for 10 Years of Service

Staff to be Honored for 10 Years of Service

The following staff members will be honored for their contributions to the Bilkent community over the past ten years.
Firdevs Tijen Akşit (BUSEL), Osman Ala (Security), Asst. Prof. Mahmut Nedim Alemdar (FEASS), Mehmet Teoman Alemdar (STHM), Murat Alkar (FS), Osman Altan (Security), Mustafa Aykut Altay (Dormitory Admin.), Tanju Meral Altunbaş (BUSEL), Nurhan Aslan (FMPA), Ziyafet Atik (Housing Admin.), Fulya Aydınalay (FHL), Prof. Atilla Aydınlı (FS), Emine Tülin Bakiler (BUSEL), Hande Barlas (BUSEL), Salim Ersin Başar (FE), Ahmet Başkurt (FBA), Elif Enacar Baykal (FMPA), Ayşe Biber (FBA), Ayşe Bulut (FS), Asst. Prof. Dilek Cindoğlu (FEASS), Dr. Ayşe Baş Collins (STHM), Mahir Çakar (FMPA), Berrin Çakmakçı (C&M),

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