Volume 8, Number 26
7 May 2002

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Graphic Design Students Receive Award

4th year students in the Department of Graphic Design took second place in the Graphic Design Contest for the Advertising Competition entitled “Denizlerimiz Boğuluyor, Onları Kurtaralım” (Let’s Save Our Seas). A total of 50 groups from different universities attended the university wide competition which was organized by the International Advertising Association and DenizTemiz (Turmepa).
The Bilkent University design groups name “5iz” consisted of Banu Önal, Enis Yuğnak Burcu Köken, Tolga Görgün and Banu Yamak. They used the slogan “Assassination” (Suikast) with an appealing typographic solution that highlighted the subject with two basic words. The combination of an appropriate design along with an appealing slogan produced a strong message.

Graduation Ball Scheduled

The 2002 Graduation Ball will be held on Wednesday, June 5, at the Bilkent Hotel Sakarya Hall, at 7 p.m. featuring a concert by the famous Turkish pop singer, Işın Karaca.
Tickets for the ball are 55 million TL. per person, and are available from the Yearbook Committee student representatives and the Alumni Office. For further information, contact the Alumni Office at ext. 2668.

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Children Benefit from Early Music Education

Early Music Education is an original program prepared for children within the age group of 4-12 at the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts - Music Preparatory School. Children participating in the program gave a concert on April 27 to show the improvement of a year’s hard work. The concert also was a celebration of its own kind for April 23, National Sovereignty and Children’s Day. The solo performing students ages varied in a range from 5-17. The concert ended with songs dedicated to April 23 and the audience singing along with the chorus and orchestra.
The specific aim of this Early Music Education Program is to enable the discovery of highly talented children in the ages 3 - 4. This is the most suitable period for starting music education, and when these children, by the means of special education, are brought into the life of art as future qualified musicians. The education is

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Spring Fest Arriving

Here comes the spring again. Get ready to celebrate it at Spring Fest 2002, which will take place between Wednesday, May 15 and Friday,
May 17. Highlights include cartoon and film shows, exhibitions, talks, concerts, sport and fitness activities, games, tournaments and contests. Try not to miss these activities, and refresh your minds before final exams. The activities will be listed in the next issue of Bilkent News.

Bilkent Guitar Ensemble to Join IPS

The 10th International Pentecost Seminar (IPS) will take place from 15 to 20 May 2002 in Koblenz. The IPS is a music festival mainly focusing on guitar music and comprised of concerts, master courses, workshops, a symposium and a competition. Students, professional musicians and advanced amateurs will be present.
This year the focus is on Turkey. Terci-Korad Guitar Duo, 6 guitar students and 5 flute students from the Department of Music were invited to IPS. Dr. Kağan Korad and Dr. Kürşad Terci will be giving a master class for international guitar students; and along with their students, they will be giving a concert of classical Turkish pieces by composers such as Adnan Saygun and Nejat Başeğmezler.
In 2001, more than 120 participants from almost 20 countries were present. IPS has established itself among the leaders of such events in Europe and is appreciated worldwide for the standard of its guitar music.

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