Volume 8, Number 28
21 May 2002

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Yaşar Kemal Receives Honorary Doctorate

On Saturday, May 18, Yaşar Kemal was given an honorary doctorate by Bilkent University.
Yaşar Kemal, whose real name is Kemal Sadık Göğceli, has had a long and successful career in literature. He was born in 1923 in Adana and his first novel “İnce Memed” was published in 1955, which was followed by 33 more books, with his most recent, published in 1984. His book “Yer Demir Gök Bakır” was chosen as the best foreign novel in France in 1977 by the Literature Critiques Trade Union. In 1982, he won the International Del Duca Award and in 1984 he took the Légion D’Honneur in France. In his works, Yaşar Kemal emphasized the ethnic characteristics of the people of Çukurova, their painful life and problems, with an expressive writing technique and the use of symbolism. His books are translated into 29 languages.
The ceremony took place in the University Concert Hall and was attended by a large group of the Bilkent community. The program included a short concert by the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra and continued with the conferring of the Honorary Doctorate.

Graduation Ceremony Scheduled June 11

Graduation Ceremonies for Bilkent University undergraduate and graduate students have been set for Tuesday, June 11 at the Bilkent ODEON. Ceremony and rehearsal times for each faculty & school are listed below. Please note the time of your ceremony and make sure that you arrive at the commencement site at least an hour before the ceremony begins.
Morning Ceremony:
Tuesday, June 11
at 10:30 a.m.
Rehearsal: Monday, June 10 at 10 a.m. Graduate Students, FS, FEASS, FBA, STHM, VSTHS
Afternoon Ceremony:
Tuesday, June 11
at 5 p.m.
Rehearsal: Monday, June 10 at 2 p.m. VSCTOM, FADA, SAL, FHL, FE, FMPA, BUSEL
Note: Please make sure you pay off your library, traffic, and dormitory balances before graduation or you will not receive your diploma.

Also in this issue:

Distinguished Teachers Honored

The university is pleased to announce the recipients of the Distinguished Teachers of the Year Award for 2002. Each of the recipients were chosen by the students for demonstrating outstanding teaching abilities, and for contributing to the academic and intellectual development of the students.

Ceyhun Bulutay (PHYS)
Regarding this award, I want to show some respect by mentioning those who deserve it more. Surely, it is a blessing to be at Bilkent, lecturing in front of an elite crowd. During my teaching, I constantly learn from my students and they are not easily convinced. My departmental colleagues are a lot worthier than myself, kindly helping me with their generous advice and experience. Personally, it was always hard for me to forgive sloppy lecturers, those who created dark spots in my knowledge. Therefore, I feel obliged to praise the great teachers I’ve had in the past.

Serdar Güner (IR)
When I enter the classroom, I realize that we are in the same boat bound for explanation and analysis. We learn that if an explanation fails, others are just waiting to be discovered. When an explanation of my own fails, then my students help. Learning and teaching combine to create a joyful process. Teaching is not a one way relationship but reciprocal. In fact, we are all students. I thank my students for bestowing in me this honor.

Erinç Yeldan (ECON)
I am honored and grateful to be the recipient of this very meaningful and prestigious award. This is indeed the happiest moment of my academic career and I will try to honor the responsibilities of this recognition for years to come.

Yener Ergüven (THM)
I am most touched and honoured by the nomination of my students and graduates of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management and the Vocational School of Tourism and Hotel Services, as a result of, what I believe, was part of my duty towards them. My efforts, and success, if any, was the outcome of the urges and demands of my students who rightly sought and demanded to get the best. Looking back over the ten years I have been with Bilkent University, all my classes have left their marks with me as memories in all aspects, educating me as I taught them. If I have been helpful in their studies and education, to prepare them for their professional life through course preparations, lectures, discussions and friendly chats from time to time, this was always because of this urge, and that I always believed that they deserved the best. I am grateful to all my students who over the years have shared the classrooms with me, for giving me this opportunity, energy, support and reason for success. I love them all. May God Bless Them and enlighten their path into whatever the future might bring.

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