Volume 8, Number 8
November 13, 2001

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Atatürk Commemorated

November 10, 2001, the 63rd anniversary of the death of Turkey’s beloved Atatürk. On Saturday, a commemoration program was held in Atatürk’s memorium at Bilkent. It began with a moment of silence...



Bilkent Graduate Student Receives Optical Society of America Award

Mehmet Bayındır, a graduate student in the Department of Physics, is this year’s winner of the Optical Society of America's New Focus Award. This award was given to Mehmet Bayındır at the Optical Society of America’s Annual Meeting in Long Beach California, during October 13-16, 2001.

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Betin Güneş to Perform at Bilkent

The famous composer and orchestra director Betin Güneş, who resides in Germany, will conduct the Bilkent Symphony Orchestra on Tuesday, November 13, 8 p.m. at the Bilkent Concert Hall...







Bilkent Physics Department Receives NATO Funding

Currently we are living in the so-called ‘Information Age’, driven to an ever greater extent by the merging of communication, information processing, and computing. None of these are possible without a physical infrastructure that depends to a large extent...

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