Volume 9, Number 17
25 February 2003

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PASO Student Film Festival is Up and Running

The 2003 PASO Student Film Festival will be held from February 28 to March 2 at the German Cultural Center in Ankara. This festival is supported by Bilkent University's Communication and Design Department, in association with the Ankara University Faculty of Communication. The festival will give the audience a chance to watch films by young filmmakers.
This year’s international participants include the Georgia State University School of Theater, TV and Film, the Cologne University of Art and Video, Germany, and the Munich Academy for film and TV also from Germany.
Two panels will take place during the festival; the first on “Documentary”, organized by the Turkish Documentary Film Makers Association; the other on “New Media”. New Media is a new addition to this year's festival, but organizers hope it will became a regular feature. Starting two days prior to the festival and running throughout, there will be an exhibition on four kinds of “New Media”: Digital Graphic Design, Web Site Development, Computer Animation, and Interactive CD-Roms.
Attendance to all activities at the festival is free of charge and there will be a wide variety of films offered during the festival.
You can find the festival program at http://www.art.bilkent.edu.tr/

Miray Akdađ (COMD/III)

Still Time to Register for Sports Programs

You can still register for a variety of sports programs offered by the Physical Education and Sports Centers. To use any sports facility or to participate in any sports program, all you need to do is show your Bilkent ID card.
Registration for Spring 2003 sports programs will take place at the Student Dormitories Sports Hall and Main Campus Sports Hall.
Sports Courses for Spring 2003:
Aerobic / Step / Aikido / Badminton / Basketball / Ball Room and Club Dancing / Capoeira / Fencing / Fit Boxing / Fitness Strength Training / Ice Skating / Squash / Table Tennis / Taekwondo / Tai Chi / Tennis / Turkish Folk Dancing / Volleyball / Wing-Tsun / Yoga

Also in this issue:

An Exchange Student’s Views of Bilkent

After a semester at Bilkent, Marlene Elwell wished to share her thoughts about the university with the Bilkent community. Here are her comments:
“Through an agreement between Bilkent University and the University of California Education Abroad Program, I have been able to realize my long-held goal of studying in Turkey. Before coming to Bilkent, I was already aware of the university’s fine reputation. However, after experiencing a semester here, I must say that Bilkent has far surpassed my highest expectations.
Courses that are essential to my field of study, but are not offered at my home institution, are offered in multiple sections at Bilkent. Texts and other scholarly materials that I cannot obtain at my home university are within easy reach here in the the library and the research centers. I appreciate the Bilkent professors’ mode of instructions, which places an emphasis not on what to think, but how to think. I have attended many of the Bilkent-sponsored presentations given by world renowned guest speakers - all of which I found to be engaging and awe inspiring.
Bilkent affords me opportunities to work with international scholars who are knowledgeable about my geographic, theoretical, and topical academic interests; who are supportive of my doctoral research; and who foster an environment where I thrive intellectually, professionally, and personally.
I am deeply grateful to the Assistant Registrar, International Center Coordinator, and members of the Bilkent International Students’ Club who have expertly handled much “behind-the-scenes” logistics for me, have displayed genuine kindness and patience, and have done everything possible to make me feel welcome in the Bilkent community and beyond.
I consider myself very fortunate to be at Bilkent and am looking forward to another challenging yet rewarding and enriching semester.”

Marlene D. Elwell, POLS / M.A.

Update on Career News

on Summer Training Quotas:

Companies that have informed the CDPC (Career Development and Placement Center) about their summer training quotas are now listed outside the CDPC office (Student Union Building Room: Z17). Resumes will be collected by the CDPC and forwarded to these companies. Be advised that the deadline for applying to many of the companies is February 28.
News on Career Days 2003:
The time is getting close for Career Days. This year, Career Days activities will start in the second week of March, followed by the Career Fair which will take place on March 28. Bilkent's 5th Career Fair is also being held on the 15th anniversary of the CDPC. CDPC, the Career Club, the Management and Economics Club, the Operational Research Club, and Radio Bilkent will assist in organizing activities. Further developments concerning Career Days and the Career Fair will be announced in the Bilkent News every week.

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