Volume 9, Number 20
18 March 2003

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“Macbett” Awaits

Eugene Ionesco’s Macbett is an absurd play, one that refers back to Shakespeare’s Macbeth. As one of the best known playwrites of the “Theatre of the Absurd”, Ionesco was interested in the ludicrousness of daily life in bourgeois society.
Ionesco’s Macbett, which is a comedy about a war against devils, will be performed by the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts students under the General Arts Direction of Prof. Cüneyt Gökçer, Chair of Performing Arts.
“We have chosen to perform this play in order to reflect on today’s current situation.' says Mr. Zurab Sıkharulidze, Georgian director of the play.
The Director, his assistant Anzor Shamugia, and the students were very excited during the rehearsal because this will be their final performance of the school year. They say that they have worked very hard during the last two months perfecting their treatment of this play. The premiere will be held on Thursday, March 27, which is “World Theater Day”.
Osman Ateş, who plays the leading character, Macbett, says 'this is our second and last play at school. We have all tried to do our best, and have learned a lot from our director’s experiences, knowledge and professionalism. Birsu Eren, who is Lady Duncan, adds, 'I think we are successful because we work coherently. Since our director is an actor and knows Turkish, we have very good communications with him.'

Bahar Savcı (TRIN/IV)

World Poetry Day to Be Celebrated

Friday, March 21 is recognized as “World Poetry Day” and the Center for Turkish Literature is calling upon all female poets to help celebrate the occasion.
Asuman Kafaoğlu Büke, Melisa Gürpınar, Gülseli İnal, Didem Madak, Bejan Matur and Şennur Sezer will all join a panel discussion to be held Friday, March 21 at 3 p.m. at the FEASS, C-Block Auditorium, to talk about their experiences writing poetry.
“World Poetry Day” will continue with a “Poetry Evening” at 6:30 p.m. at the same location. Poets Refika Altıkulaç, Muhsine Arda, Arzu Ayçiçek, Eren Aysan, Mine Hoşcan Bilge, Serap Erdoğan, Melisa Gürpınar, Emel Güz, Gülseli İnal, Zeynep Köylü, Didem Madak, Bejan Matur, Nilay Özer, Çiğdem Sezer, Özlem Sezer, Şennur Sezer, Betül Tarıman, Zeynep Uzunbay and Türkân Yeşilyurt will all take part in the program, reading selections from their work. Folk poets Meltem Koruk and Ezgi Demirkaya will play and sing their poetry.
The program is free and open to all.

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Career Corner: Opportunities for Graduating Students

With only a few months left in the current academic year, the CDPC (Career Development and Placement Center) is offering a wide range of opportunities for graduating students to help them shape their professional life. One of these opportunities is Career Days, which has now begun on campus. On March 19 at 12:30 p.m., Procter&Gamble will be meeting prospective employees at the Mithat Çoruh Auditorium.
Throughout the course of Career Days, students can reflect on their area of interest in terms of a career, and gather information about business sectors world-wide. Students can contact leading firms, or meet with representatives from these firms. During Career Days, students can also receive practical training in how, when and where to make a job application. CDPC is ready to help students prepare their resumes. Ümit Alsac (MAN/’02) is one of many students who looked into employment opportunities during Career Days 2002; he is now working for Pricewater House Coopers. Ümit says that “Career Days is the first step to entering the business sector; and there, the students can learn about the requirements of the firms.” He says it is very helpful for students to contact firms prior to interviewing, because this allows them to be better prepared.”
Here are a few more comments from students who took advantage of last year’s Career Fair:
Onur Özlü (IR/’02), working for Pricewater House Coopers, says he attended every single program during the Career Days because he wanted to be informed about the firms; which made it easier for him to make a choice.
Işılay Taşdelen (BF/’02), currently working at Koçbank, put what Career Fair means to her quite simply: “It is a basket full of opportunities offered to Bilkent students!” It is, she says, a place where you are truly face to face with the business sector.
A Dışbank employee, Arzu Yalçındağ (MAN/’02), advises everyone to leave their CVs with as many firms as possible, in order to widen their range of opportunities; he adds, “Don't miss the chance to meet people in your sector; even more importantly, don’t be pessimistic!”
Dilek Demirel (EE/’02), who is presently working at TÜBİTAK, says that Career Days represents the kind of an opportunity only offered at the best universities in Turkey; there are few other opportunities like this for students to meet with such a large number of firms, gathered in one location.
Metin Tekkalmaz (CS/’02) and Kerem Yücetürk (CS/’02) applied to several companies and got the chance to interview from a few of them. “After these interviews” says Kerem Yücetürk “I decided to go with ASELSAN.” Metin Tekkalmaz, still working in ASELSAN, says “It’s really important to be informed and to have as many alternatives as you can.” He also recommends that everyone take multiple copies of their CVs and adds, “You never know where the chance to build your career will find you.”

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