Volume 9, Number 9
19 November 2002

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Board of Trustees Decides on New Initiatives

The Board of Trustees of Bilkent University, met on November 13 to review a series of new initiatives at the University. Present at the meeting, in addition to the members of the Board, were: Vice Rectors of the University Deans Bozkurt and Kuruoğlu, along with Professors V. Akman, P. Bilgin, Y. İnan and S. Wigley.
The Board reviewed the current status of the Bilkent CYBERPARK, which was just approved by the President of the Republic and published in the official newspaper (Resmi Gazete).
The CYBERPARK, located in the area of the campus stretching from the Tepe Offices to Bilkent 1 highrises, is designated as an environmentally clean, high-tech research and development park with international links.
The Board of Trustees also approved the allocation of office spaces for the Parliament of Cultures, recently established through the joint initiative of the Club of Rome and the Hacettepe University Foundation, with the goal of fostering a better understanding among cultures of the world, and to enhance dialogue among thinkers and intellectuals.
The proposals of the university Senate were reviewed by the Board and decisions were taken to approve all of the proposals presented to the University Senate, namely:
- Establishment of a new masters degree in the field of “Management in Education”
- Establishment of a new five year program (undergraduate + masters) in the Faculty of Education for the training of English teachers for high schools
- A new Research Center focusing on the field of Maritime Law (Deniz Hukuku Araştırma Merkezi); Members of this center are to include experts from Bilkent’s International Relations Department and the Faculty of Law
- Establishment of a Department of Philosophy in the Faculty of Humanities and Letters
- Establishment of a Joint Degree Program between New York State University and Bilkent University

Ahmet Nalbur (MAN/’91)
Member of Board of Trustees

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Jobs Await Seniors

The Career Development and Placement Center (CDPC) is offering all senior students a chance to have their CVs made available to the business world. There are two principal features of their project:
1) To make CV’s of graduates accessible to the rest of the world by way of Bilkent’s web site;
2) To publish CVs in the form of a booklet which can be sent to institutions and companies in Turkey.
To take advantage of this service, seniors should go to http://cv.bilkent.edu.tr, enter their online registration password (available from departments), read the instructions carefully, and enter all pertinent information. CV data entry starts on November 18 and ends on December 9. After December 9, you will be required to submit your CVs to project members on the assigned dates according to the submission calendar set for the project. (Visit http://cv.bilkent.edu.tr and click on student operations for the CV Submission Calendar)
Contact the Career Development and Placement Center if you haven't received the information set from your department. For more information call ext. 2486 or 2958.

Graduate School of Education Students Return from America

Twenty-six masters students in the Graduate School of Education returned from an internship in American schools last week. They spent six weeks working in high schools in Iowa alongside American teachers. The aim of the visit was to give an opportunity to students to gain experience in an international context and to incorporate what they have learned into their teaching. They taught up to 50 lessons in American High Schools. In addition to this, our students also gave presentations about Turkish life, culture, music, history and tourism. They visited Chicago and Washington, staying in a family home and in effect becoming part of the family for a short time.
These Graduate School of Education students have returned ready to put to practice what they learned abroad. All of them wish to acknowledge their appreciation to the Fulbright Program for their generosity in making this visit possible.

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