Volume 10, Number 14
6 January 2004

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TDP Brings Joy to Children

Most of you Bilkenters already know about the TDP (Toplumsal Duyarlılık Projeleri). The TDP is a project carried out by Bilkent students who do community work. Volunteers tutor elementary school students in underprivileged areas, teach sports and art or visit elderly people in retirement homes. For about 3 years now, through the participation and organization of volunteer Bilkent University students, TDP has been conducting their activities supported by the Student Council. As time passes by, the community work TDP has done has attracted the attention and appreciation of many civil institutions, and has gained its own institutional identity.
One of TDP’s recent activities is its volunteer work at Açıkalın Primary School. Volunteers decided to arrange a New Year Party at the end of the year for those children who live in socially and economically limited conditions. After a lot of hard work, the volunteers managed to get Burger King to host the activity. As sponsor of this activity, Burger King welcomed 150 children into their Yenimahalle restaurant on December 27 and provided food and toys, free of charge, for all the children.
In addition, the volunteers from Bilkent gave each children a New Years present to remind them once again that there will always be volunteers at Bilkent University who care about them.
I would like to congratulate the 20 volunteers at Açıkalın Primary School in the name of TDP for organizing this activity. Bilkent Jonglörler Topluluğu also joined the party and performed an amazing show for the children. As the TDP family, we thank them with all our hearts.

Burak Yılmaz (Math/III)

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Dance the Day Away

The Bilkent Cup Dance Championship - 2003

The Bilkent Cup Dance Championship is currently being organized by the Bilkent University Student Union Klasik Danslar Topluluğu and Yeni Ufuklar Kulübü.
The competition will take place on Saturday, January 10, at the Student Dormitories Sports Hall with the participation of contestants from all over Turkey.
The program starts with junior team rehearsals at 11 a.m. and continues through out the day until 11 p.m. with shows and rehearsals as well as contests.
For more information call Erdem Özkan at (555) 337-2448, or İsmail Postalcıoğlu at (533) 231-0317.

EEE 101 Contest Results

EEE101 students have completed their design project. This freshman course was designed to introduce electrical and electronics engineering in a lab oriented course; in addition, each student was required to complete a project. (Continued on Page 3)
This year, the project was to design the most efficient “mechanical-electrical / mechanical conversion” device, using a generator / motor pair satisfying many technical and cost related constraints. The students demonstrated the performance of their designs at a recent competition.
The winner of the competition this year, was Fuat Çoğun who designed and implemented the best device. Çoğun graduated from Hacı Ömer Tarman Anadolu Highschool and joined Bilkent in Fall 2003.

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