Volume 11, Number 7           2 November 2004

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Ayva Cup Basketball Tournament to Begin Next Week

Attention all basketball fans, the upcoming second annual "Ayva Cup" tournament will be a great opportunity to add some excitement to your campus life. Six universities will play in the tournament: Başkent, Bilkent, Hacettepe, Koç, Middle East Technical and Sabancı.
The tournament starts on Tuesday, November 9.
The basketball teams invite all Bilkent students to come out and support our teams. The first match will be played on November 9 at the Main Campus Sports Hall. The schedule of the first day is as follows:
5:45 p.m.- Opening Ceremony / Desert (Aşure)
6 p.m.-
Bilkent - METU (Women)
7:30 p.m.-
Bilkent - METU (Men)
For more information, you can call the Physical Education and Sports Center at ext. 1993 or 1325.


New Art-mosphere at Bilkent

Starting this year, Bilkent has a full-time art gallery open to all! Attila Güllü, the new director of art at Bilkent, will be organizing exhibitions to be displayed on a continual basis in the exhibition hall in the Library building.
"There are many places at Bilkent offering different activities, so why not art?" says Güllü. "We are inviting everyone to experience this art-mosphere. Let them come, see the artworks, get excited, and maybe get a little tense. But we expect everyone to leave their prejudices at the door. We want them to see this place with a free and open mind. There is creativity here, and that is something that no one has the luxury to reject. Visitors can stay and look for as long or as short a time as they want, but let them give art a chance."
Starting November 4, the works of the well-known Italian artist Domingo Notaro will be on exhibit. Everyone is invited to see the beautiful pictures on the walls and at the same time listen to beautiful melodies being played by Bilkent students in live performance.
To experience and enjoy the power of creativity, all you have to do is to pay a visit.

Emre Kırtunç (COMD/IV)

Also in this issue:

Class Representatives Elected

Elections for Class Representatives concluded on Wednesday, October 27. Due to the low voter turnout during election week, only 54 out of a possible 164 representatives were elected. The election results can be found at http://bilkent.edu.tr/konsey.   The election of Department Representatives and of Faculty/School Representatives started on Monday, November 1 and is continuing Tuesday, November 2 (today) at the academic units.
Wednesday, November 3 will be the last day of the 2004 elections, with the election of the University Student Council Executive Committee being finalized at 11 a.m. at the Student Union’s Zeynep Köksal Meeting Room.


EuroCHRIE Congress 2004

The EuroCHRIE Congress 2004 will be held in Ankara, Turkey, from November 3 to November 7, organized and hosted by the Bilkent University School of Applied Technology and Management's Tourism and Hotel Management Department. The Bilkent Hotel and Conference Center, Ankara, will serve as the venue for the congress.
EuroCHRIE is the European Chapter of
I-CHRIE, which stands for International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education.
I-CHRIE is a nonprofit organization representing hospitality professionals and academics worldwide.
The congress aims to bring together scholars and practitioners from the private and public sectors to exchange information and ideas on a broad range of topics related to "Global Issues and Trends in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry." The 2004 EuroCHRIE Congress program will include keynote addresses, presentations and industry panel sessions. The best papers will be selected, and their authors will each receive a plaque and certificate.


Play in Progress

"The Good Man of Szechwan," a play by Bertolt Brecht, is currently being staged by students of the Performing Arts Department under the direction of Zurab Sikharulidze. Bilkent News interviewed Burcu Güner (THEA/IV), who is seen in the role of Shen Te. Shen Te is a prostitute who has been rewarded by gods for giving them a place to stay overnight. She uses her reward, which came in the form of money, to open up a shop and establish a good life. In her desire to do good things for others and overcome corruption, she finds herself being used by everyone, including the only man she had ever loved.
Güner shared these thoughts about her role: "It is very sad to play Shen Te. When I compare her situation to our lives, I don’t want to believe that she suffers so much for being good. After all, we all try to be good, we all fall in love, and we all feel used."
This is a very dynamic play and also a captivating one, since it is easy to identify with the characters and their experiences. "The Good Man of Szechwan" develops its theme, mankind's powerlessness in the face of the social structure, without losing suspense as a story.
Comedy and tragedy can both be found in this play, and young actors and actresses present them very well. Any member of the Bilkent community who is thinking about seeing the production is highly encouraged to do so.

Emre Kırtunç (COMD/IV)

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