Volume 12, Number 1         13 September 2005

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From the Rector

Dear Members of the Bilkent Community,

Nineteen years have passed since Bilkent admitted its first students. Back in 1986 it was a different world. Many people in Turkey did not understand the concept of higher education outside the state university system. However, the benefits of non-profit universities established by foundations have become apparent over time. There are so many people who, after opposing the establishment of Bilkent in the 1980s, later on decided to send their children here, and they themselves now frequently attend Bilkent concerts, and make use of Bilkent’s library.

This is just one example of how people change their views over time. It happens to all of us in different ways. I am sixty years old, and have changed my opinions about so many things over time, as I learned more and more. In life, we all experience changes in our opinions--this is an inevitable consequence of an increase in knowledge. And this is good, because we end up with better opportunities and, hopefully, better lives. An increase in knowledge comes not only through reading books, but also through meeting new and different people with different backgrounds and opinions, and through living the experience of interaction with them over time.

The search for truth involves exploration of things we don’t already know. This includes exploring new circles of friends and new surroundings. An engineering student may wish to take a course in the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture; a student in the Faculty of Humanities and Letters may consider taking a course in economics; and so on. Professors in different departments may work together to offer joint courses and seminars, and carry out research that bridges disciplines.

Bilkent is a community of great diversity. It is enriched by the presence of scholars in diverse fields, some coming from different countries and with different experiences. We also enjoy a diverse student body coming from different schools, regions and backgrounds. The more we learn from each other, the better we can be prepared for the future. With these thoughts on reaching out and exploring what lies beyond your current experience, I wish you a wonderful new academic year.

Ali Doğramacı

Also in this issue:

Bilkent Draws Top-Scoring Students

Based on the results announced by the Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM), Bilkent University continues to attract Turkey’s best students. Thirty-two of the 100 students with the highest scores on the 2005 University Entrance Exam (ÖSS) chose to study at Bilkent this year.

Last week, on September 9, these top-scoring students visited the President of Bilkent University and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Prof. İhsan Doğramacı.

Hocabey, pointing out the important role of students in a university, welcomed them with these words: “You have entered one of the best universities in the world. Bilkent University’s further advancement is in your hands. Your success will be our success. This is your home. In addition to your classes, participate in sports, listen to music, involve yourselves in arts and culture.”

Overall, the 100 students with the highest scores on the exam elected to enter eight different universities. The number of students enrolling at each is as follows:
Bilkent University - 32
Boğaziçi University - 30
METU - 14
Hacettepe University - 12
Sabancı University - 6
Fatih University - 3
Koç University - 2
İstanbul University - 1

From the Dean of Students


It is a pleasure to welcome you all to the academic year of 2005-2006.

As you embark on a brand new beginning, please look around and be receptive to the opportunities presented to you. Cast your nets out towards the social, intellectual and cultural resources available. Be open to new experiences. Take an Aikido class, attend a lecture outside your own field; enjoy a work of art, recite a poem, join a sports team; volunteer in a community project, sign up with a club; enjoy the library, tune in to Radio Bilkent. Be social, be active and get involved.

Enjoy your academic odyssey, which will take you on a tour of horizons that will stimulate your determination, intellectual curiosity, creativity and team spirit and help you accumulate all the positive skills one can develop in an academic setting.

As you pursue your dreams, you can at the same time enrich your life by participating in the wide variety of events, games and activities at Bilkent, which may very well help guide you on your road to enlightenment. Best wishes to you all! Perin Öztin

New Radio Bilkent Studio
Now in the Food Court!

Radio Bilkent didn't take a break for the summer, and its 2005-2006 academic year broadcasts have begun. In addition, from now on, your campus radio station will be even closer to you!

Radio Bilkent welcomes you to our new Orçun Gül Studio, named in memory of one of Radio Bilkent's graduate DJs, whom we lost last February. On September 7, the studio’s opening ceremony took place. Orçun Gül’s family attended the ceremony, and his father cut the ribbon.

The Orçun Gül Studio is located in the main campus food court. From there, the station broadcasts live on weekdays from noon to 2 p.m. Students have the opportunity to be involved in our programs by requesting songs that will be played immediately. And, you'll be able to watch as well as listen.

So, if you want to really experience the music, Radio Bilkent is waiting for you in the food court!

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