Volume 12, Number 22
21 March 2006

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Bilkent-Gaziantep “Friendship Days”

"Friendship Days," organized by Bilkent University Student Council in cooperation with Gaziantep University, took place in Gaziantep March 9-12. To mark the occasion of Mozart's 250th birthday, the chamber orchestra of the Faculty of Music and Performing Arts gave a concert, while Bilkent's Theatre Club performed a play, "Pın Ucu." The Bilkent Music Club performed a rock concert to an audience of 800 people. Gaziantep University also arranged a number of activities, including modern dance shows and a movie screening. Bilkent Student Council wishes to thank all those who contributed to the event's success.

State Minister Ali Babacan Meets with IE Students

Last Friday, March 17, State Minister for the Economy Ali Babacan visited Bilkent University and met with industrial engineering students for a discussion on the administration of the Turkish economy and the country's progress towards European Union membership.

The seminar was organized by the Department of Industrial Engineering and coordinated by Prof. İhsan Sabuncuoğlu and Asst. Prof. Bahar Yetiş Kara. In introducing the guest speaker, Prof. Sabuncuoğlu stated that Mr. Babacan had received his undergraduate degree in industrial engineering and had been invited to discuss his topic from the viewpoint of an industrial engineer. (Continued)

Erdem Başçı Appointed as Acting Governor of Central Bank

Erdem Başçı, a Bilkent graduate and former faculty member in the Department of Economics, has been appointed Acting Governor of the Turkish Central Bank. Dr. Başçı, an expert in macroeconomics and finance, received his B.S. from METU and then completed the MBA program at Bilkent University, ranking first in his class, in 1989. He received an M.A. in Economics from Bilkent in 1990, and a second M.A. in Economics from Johns Hopkins University in 1993. (Continued)


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Staff to Be Honored for 10 Years of Service

The following staff members will be honored next week for their contributions to Bilkent University and the Bilkent community over the past ten years: Abdullah Ünnü (FS), Ahmet Oktan Nalbantoğlu (FADA), Aleksey Medvedev (FMPA), Andrey Trifonov (FMPA), Anjariitta Rantanen (MAN), Asuman Türkün (FEASS), Ayfer Gülal (Dormitory Admin.), Ayhan Özen (BUSEL), Ayşe Akçam (BUSEL), Banu Helvacıoğlu (FEASS), Bengisu Tanrıverdi Akalın (BUSEL), Burhan Aydoğdu (Environmental Planning and Protection Unit), Celal Vural (Housing Office), Cemil Gülyüz (FADA), Cumhur Can (Security Office), Dawn Anne Roberts Gökmen (BUSEL), Derya Şimşek (BUSEL), Elif İçke (Dormitory Admin.), Emine Taşpınar (FMPA), (Continued)

LAUD Graduates Win Awards in Urban Design Competition

Four graduates of the Department of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design have won two awards in the "Urban Design Project for Cumhuriyet Street and Its Vicinity in Beylikdüzü" competition organized by the İstanbul Greater Municipality.

The project submitted by 1997 graduate Aslıhan Özaslan received second prize, while 2005 graduates Elif Selena Ayhan and Fulya Cönger received fourth honorable mention. Yeliz Kahya, who graduated in 2004, contributed to their project as an advisor. Project designs from the competition will be exhibited by the Istanbul Greater Municipality.

Dear Bilkent News Readers,

Spring has come once more, bringing us warmer weather, the year's first flowers and, yes, Spring Break! Due to the break, the Bilkent News will not be published next week. The next issue will appear on Tuesday, April 4.

We wish you a wonderful break!



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