Volume 14, Number 16
February 19, 2008

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PASOFEST8: Student Film and Digital Media Festival on the Way


Every year, university students from across Turkey produce motion pictures in the hope of contributing to the development of film art. Unfortunately, despite the intense effort and creativity put into each project, they often go unseen. This is why a group of students from Bilkent's Department of Communication and Design established the PASO Student Film Festival, with the help of their peers from Gazi and Başkent Universities.

The 8th PASO Student Film and Digital Media Festival will take place at the Goethe Institute in Ankara, April 24 to 27, 2008. As a forum for cultural exchange, the aim of this international festival is to provide a non-competitive environment, free from conventional categories, for sharing student films and digital media works.


In addition to the screenings, instructors and industry professionals will give master classes, seminars, and workshops on different aspects of media production. The international workshop participants will collaborate to create projects that will be exhibited and discussed at the end of the festival.

Works produced after September 2006 and meeting the festival specifications are welcome! Deadline for submissions is Friday, March 21, 2008. For more information, visit www.art.bilkent.edu.tr or www.pasofest.org

Make a Difference with TDP

You have a chance to make a difference.
Are you prepared to take it?


Bilkent student volunteers are the backbone of TDP (Toplumsal Duyarlılık Projeleri / Community Projects), and are supported by Toplum Gönüllüleri Vakfı (TOG), Uygar Görme Engelliler Derneği and other organizations. Together, they offer students a chance to tutor elementary students in underprivileged areas, teach sports, art, and computer classes, or visit the elderly in retirement homes.

TDP is gearing up for the spring semester and is ready to welcome new volunteers to contribute time and suggestions. Their mission is to be of service to individuals and the community as a whole, and to help people overcome social or economic issues that they face, in order to increase their chances of having a successful future.


There will be an introduction meeting held at 5:45 p.m. at the Mithat Çoruh Auditorium on Tuesday, February 26. For more information and to find out how to get involved, call ext.1550, email tdp@bilkent.edu.tr, or visit http://tdp.bilkent.edu.tr

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New Exhibition at Library Art Gallery


The Bilkent University Library Art Gallery launched a new exhibition last week, featuring the work of Bilgehan Uzuner. Instead of a cohesive collection, Uzuner displays three completely different techniques and styles: watercolor, engravings and design. Between the colorful and bold chaos of the engravings, his watercolor works feature calm coastal sceneries from Turkey, and the soft pastel colors of various European countries the artist has visited. The complexity of these magnifies the simplicity of his design work. During this busy time when everyone is struggling with perfecting their schedule and getting used to new classes, a few minutes at the Library Art Gallery might be the perfect thing to clear your mind. Uzuner's art will be exhibited until March 11. Don't miss out!

Sera De Vor (AMER/III)

News from the Library


As well as being the intellectual heart of Universities, academic libraries are also one of the main places where art and culture can come together. In this respect, the Bilkent University Library has initiated a new activity entitled "Library Lunchtime Lectures," where leading Bilkent academics will speak about their fields of study and research for a general, non-specialist audience. Bilkent University Library is proud to be organizing and hosting these events. Lectures will be held in the library's art gallery from 12:40 p.m. to 1:30.p.m.

The series will kick off March 6, 2008, when Prof. Talat Halman, Dean of the Humanities Faculty and Chair of the Turkish Literature Department, will present a lecture about literature. The second will be given by Prof. Tayfun Özçelik from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, and will be about evolution and human diseases. On April 17, Prof. Ekmel Özbay, the Director of the Nanotechnology Research Center, will share his unrivaled knowledge about the exciting new field of nanotechnology. More lectures should be announced in Bilkent News in the coming months.

Dr. David Thornton, Director of Bilkent University Library, said, "I am excited about this new lecture series. It will be an opportunity for Bilkent students and faculty to expand their knowledge while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of our art gallery. I am also very grateful to the three speakers who have already agreed to contribute and I am looking forward to hearing their individual lectures."

All are invited to attend. Please mark your diaries now, and don't forget that there will be refreshments for those who might miss lunch!

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