Volume 14, Number 20
March 18, 2008

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Career Fair Connects Students With Future Employers  


Last week, Bilkent University hosted its 10th Career Fair, where students and 45 participant companies had the chance to come together and discuss future career plans. Student participation was as impressive as in previous years. The focus was much more on internships than on full time job applications as many seniors feel it is important to learn as an intern before taking the responsibility of a full time position. Students rushed from one stand to another, leaving CVs and asking questions and finding out what is waiting for them after their commencement ceremony. When the day finished, students had answers, and left with new ideas about their future.

Gizem Babaoğlu, a 2006 Bilkent grad who now works for Johnson & Johnson, commented that the fair was a golden opportunity for seniors to interact with employees and representatives.


Prof. Cizre Releases New Book

cizreProfessor Ümit Cizre of the Political Science Department has edited and published “Secular and Islamic Politics in Turkey: The Making of the Justice and Development Party.” The new book explains that the politics of change the JDP initiated and sustained in terms of its identity in their first years in office, was as an interactive process between many levels, forces, and historical periods of politics. These include global Islam after 9/11; actors in Turkey's secular establishment; the past and present players and traditions of Islam; and the changing balance of power in the region which frames EU and US policies towards the JDP.

For much of her career, Professor Cizre has worked on issues related to Turkish politics, including Turkish right-wing politics; nationalism; democratic governance of the security sector, including the military; and security sector reform. Her other books include AP ve Ordu İlişkileri: Bir İkilemin Anatomisi (1993) and Muktedirlerin Siyaseti: Merkez Sağ-Ordu-İslamcılık (1999). She is editor of “ALMANAC of Turkey's Security Sector” (2006).

Bilkent's World Poetry Day to Feature
“Yahya Kemal: Poetry and Song”

yahya kemal

This year, Bilkent's World Poetry Day program is dedicated to the great poet Yahya Kemal in memory of the 50th anniversary of his passing. Bilkent's annual World Poetry Day is traditionally organized by the Center for Turkish Literature.

The event, scheduled for 9 p.m. on Friday, March 21, will be held in the Bilkent Concert Hall, is free of charge, and open to all. The evening will begin with an opening speech by Ertuğrul Günay, Minister of Culture and Tourism, and continue with Prof. İskender Pala's speech "Yahya Kemal Şiiri ve Aşk," and Dr. Yılmaz Karakoyunlu's "Yahya Kemal'de Şiir ve Şarkı." This will be followed by a performance from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Classical Music Chorus, with Yıldız Kenter and Hilmi Yavuz reciting Yahya Kemal poems that serve as lyrics to the songs presented by the chorus.

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Mind Over Matter

aydin.jpg (10046 bytes)

Bilkent Physics Grad Takes Next Step

Koray Aydın, a senior graduate student in the Department of Physics, has recently received offers from Harvard University and Caltech to continue his postdoctoral studies. Koray said that receiving offers from the top universities in science and technology is a great honor for him. "I had to make a decision when I finished my undergraduate study in physics: to stay here at Bilkent, or to go abroad for studying. At that time there was a common belief among students that opportunities in the United States are better than here in Bilkent. Many of my friends chose to go abroad. I feel lucky to have stayed here at Bilkent because we have done world-class research at the Nanotechnology Research Center and Advanced Research Laboratories with Prof. Ekmel Özbay. Bilkent is well-known in the academic community for the quality of research being carried out and the success of Bilkent's students. I have had a chance to see what people think about Bilkent during my interviews in the USA. I encourage undergraduate students planning to continue their career in academia to stay at Bilkent University." Koray says that he is not the only one who got an offer from Harvard. His groupmates, Ertuğrul Çubukcu and İrfan Bulu, are also continuing their studies there.

Koray, a Bilkenter for 10 years, got his B.S. and M.S. degrees from the Department of Physics in 2002 and 2004. He made significant contributions to the field of metamaterials and photonic crystals, authoring 30 SCI papers with more than 600 citations. He is currently studying hybrid nanophotonic light sources incorporating organic polymers and inorganic semiconductor LEDs.

THM Instructor Wins Award

siyahhan.jpg (5597 bytes)

Mustafa Siyahhan, a Tourism and Hotel Management Department instructor, won the first prize in The Mehmet Kemal Dedeman Research and Development Project Contest 2007.

The annual competition is organized by Dedeman Holding and aims to develop mining and tourism in Turkey by discovering original and applicable ideas.

This year's challenge in the area of tourism was "How Should Turkey Promote and Organize Tourism in a Constantly Changing World?" Mustafa Siyahhan won, along with Prof. Dr. Ali Alp, with their "Turkey's Tourism Promotion and Organization Model."

The subject for the 2008 contest will be "City Tourism in Turkey: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow."

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